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good afternoon this is how February 21st 2012 and I got someone want to show you it’s a chart with three digit box combinations for the sixth and freeway and the triples I’m going to reveal to the world how many box combinations there are and how adding them up can help you win and use this as a strategy against the state or whoever it is selecting the numbers okay now notice they will have r1 with a number and parenthesis beside it same thing with r2 r3 r4 and r5 you go to the first row as I’m going down the first row you notice that there is numbers there’s only four of them that have asteroids by them those are the numbers that contain all odd when other roles are even digits now we’re going to go down each row and I will show you the boxes that are in each row there’s 126 way boxes 93 but wait boxes and 10 triples there’s 24 boxes in each row so we’re going to start with 0 1 2 and we’re going to move down the row so you can see how many boxes there are they’re all in numerical order asteroids mean or even digits or in some cases all odd digits these are 0 so these are having all even digits the numbers that are next to the box is like for example you see that 0 3 7 right there 0 plus 3 plus 7 equals 10 so that means that the sum value for that box is a 10 I’m going to go down the row now we’re going to go to r2 doesn’t matter what state what country you’re in these are all the box combinations I don’t care if it’s planet Mars planet Venus these are all the boxes to the lottery if it’s a three digit 0 for 8 all the way down goes always 138 now you go back up here to 139 this is our three this time is five in this row which will be one three nine one five seven one five nine one seven eight and two four six as I move down the chart you can physically see how many boxes there are and the some values that are associated with so all that other about I have the secret eyes no one has the secret first of all to win the three digit but there are clues that you can use if you read any state website it tells you the key to winning is thorough analysis there’s our four but I will I will give you one clue if you notice that when you play your state’s lotteries the numbers that they usually choose have a sum range of 10 through 19 if they take a 0 through 9 some range there’s only 23 boxes so if they’re constantly picking numbers and that some range and I’m showing you this chart they will get every time they have to stay within the 10 to 19 range because there’s 86 boxes within that range so that covers more than 70% of the box combinations and then the rest are the twenty to twenty sevens which are in the last row notice that this row are the only ones we’re going to count them count with me three eight nine is a twenty I’m going to show you the rest them coming down here there’s another one four seven nine that’s a twenty two twenty seven four eight nine two twenty two twenty seven five six nine at the 22 27 same with five seven eight five seven nine five eight nine six seven eight six 7 9 6 8 9 and the last numbers of 24 which is 7 8 9 if they take anything besides the 10th of 19 they will get slaughter and they know this so they’re being smart most people that pick their numbers they just pick them these are what I call their naked eyes players they go to the store they don’t have a log they don’t keep track of anything I’m going to show you how I set up my chart just so you can physically see what I’m talking about but before I do that I’m going to show you all the doubles because you’re going to need to know the doubles this is our one again but these are three way box combinations there’s eight in this role that have all asteroids which are again all even digits you got nine in this row which is our you got three in this row which is our three you got eight in this one I’m sorry you have eight in this row which is our three you have eight more in this row which is our four and you got seven in this row which is our five and there’s 18 boxes in each one of these rows starting with 0 0 1 and again when they pick these again 10 through 19 0 0 1 all the way down this is our one which complements our one for the six ways but there’s only 18 boxes see all the way to 0 9 9 and then you got some truffles they all have asteroids because they’re either all or even digits all the way to the last combination which is a 27 9 99 you go up here 1 1 2 and you go down so you can physically see oh the state probably has to me for this but I don’t give a people need to know about mathematics if you’re gonna gamble you got to do it right you got to know your options if they try to pull a dummy there’s nothing they can do as long as you got this chart there is nothing day in a damn thing they can do but just take it 2 to 5 Row 3 you get down go down the list and you can physically see and if you want to challenge me send me a message after I’m done with this video challenge me 120 boxes multiply it times 6 that equals 720 so there’s 720 straight combinations for the three ways there’s 90 boxes that go three ways so there’s 270 combinations 720 plus 270 equals 990 and the other ten combinations are the triples that when such associate so that’s all 1000 combinations wrapped up into one so no matter what they pull and the lottery every day one of these combinations that I’m going to show you during the video they will take because these are all the possible combinations we’re going to keep on moving down moving down till we get to the very last combination which is 899 now this is the trick that I want to show you this is how you set up your log excuse the handwriting’s I was rushing kind of rushing the date this is the state of Michigan by the way I live in the state of Michigan you put the date from the far left hand side I’m going to show you the first few two for example the first number is 3 5 5 which is a double that’s for the midday the evening was 9 1 2 so I have a double 5 there because it’s a double 5 and I have a 1 beside the double 5 because if you look at the numerical scale one is smaller than a 2 & a 9 so if you go down the list you’ll see nine one two four nine seven five two two three so even I have a 1 a 4 and a 2 because a 4 is smaller than a 7 & a 9 and a 2 is smaller than a 3 and a 5 so you go down the row and you see which is the smaller number and if you look at the chart that just gave us notice categories there’s 36 boxes that start with a 0 28 that start with the 121 that start with a 2 there’s 15 that start with a 3 that’s 4 that start with a 10 there are 6 that start with a 5 there’s 3 that start with a 6 and then the last one is 7 8 9 another thing if you look at this chart right here you notice that I have dots beside some of these numbers on the far right hand side going down the page that represents something numbers that have a sum of 9 pair in them like for example you look up here that’s a 0 5 9 0 plus 9 you was nine below that two plus seven equals nine again two plus seven equals nine this is how this the first step that I used when I eliminate my box combinations when I play zero are five plus four is zero five four that’s a nine three seven six three plus six equals nine to get to scratch the seven and you keep going down the current drawing the day in the state of Michigan for the midday with seven four zero another another thing I want to add every time they pull a double they usually pull the zero right behind it and I mean right behind it it’s very few times where they pull doubles and zeros don’t come but for the most part every time they pull a double to zero you see is on its way well that’s the first part of my video and we’ll be making other videos tell me what you think about it and see you later bye.


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