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up here I go again and make another video this is video number three a continuation of the second video about the tick la repairs this time I’m going to actually show a different type of log that is set up a little bit different from the one that I have for the aesthetic standard when I set up this is if you want to try to hit it straight now I guess you recall when I showed the video of the r1 through our four and how many double odds and double evens in parentheses there are now of course there’s 100 combinations on this chart the only thing that is missing between all these double digits the ones that are on the left hand side like that 0 3 next to it is 0 3 again a 0 3 is some value but the one on the far left hand side of the actual number why just do another one two and a seven on the right hand side you will see a zero and a nine because dying is what 2 + 7 equals ok now the only thing that is missing between all these 100 combinations are the back numbers 0 through 9 which will equals 1,000 combinations which would mean you don’t do not need to box anything now this is the log that I have set up okay right here says take 3 front pairs this for the state of Michigan okay on far left you have the dates you have the first that’s a 9 1 and X as a dot by the reason why as a ducks because it has all digits you go down the list this is just for the midday part right here just for an example as you can see okay the sum of nine pairs does not that rule does not apply here the rule that applies here that’s most important as if it’s double odd and double even digits because this is what’s going to help you hit it straight now here it is that’s April Fool’s Day now you can look at the evening four and one with a X notice that it does not have a dot by because those are not double I or double even digits now that’s what I want to tell you these are the actual rows okay there’s 25 straight combinations in each relative they’re double digits now the first row goes from 0 0 to 24 the second row goes from 25 to 49 third row 50 to 74 and the last but not least the fifth row goes from 75 to 99 now notice right here I have a 9 and a 1 since a 9 and a 1 is in the 4th row I have a 4 in the first position then you’ve got a 4 and a 1 with the X that’s in row number 2 now if you go down to this and set this log up like I’m telling you you will see which row that either I mean you can do is this we either with the front back or split does not matter I prefer to do the front because that’s just the way I prefer to do it but you might want to go ahead and do the two back numbers and try to guess the middle number and if you can figure out just the row that the split front or back pair whichever one you decide to do and the last digit you will only have to spend $25 to win to $500 prize or in essence if you want to be cheap you can also spend 50 cent straight you castrated for 50 Cent’s and that’s it and you will that’s $12.50 for $250 if your capital is not that strong now again that’s the date that’s 9100 dot because it’s double double even that’s a four and one no dot nine and one is in row number four for one is in row number two you look over here nine plus one equals ten and four plus one equals five so that’s midday evening you go down a list you go to the second eight plus four is seven plus six see 8 plus 4 equals 12 seven plus six equals 13 just like that then you do the same thing with the on the bar the root sum 1 plus 0 equals 1 and a 5 is just a 5 that’s a 12 so one plus two equals three and one plus three equals four it goes down the list now there’s something else I want to show you too this is on a different chart right here if you want to know how many straight combinations have double double evens or none then there’s a chart that I made up right here okay pick two lottery pairs straight combinations now you look down the list now this goes from 0 to 18 because there’s 19 sets of numbers you can see that from you go is 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 total the subject larium how to do this right so you can all see it 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 and 18 all half either all odd or all even digits and this is a to distrait combination like this okay you see the zeros so it’s just double zero that you see the one which is 0 1 and 1 0 saying within 2 0 2 to 0 double 1 and so forth and so on just like that then you go and do 4 & 5 to the six seven eight nine ten look across the board that’s it you’re going to have to try to hit it straight now if you want to try to box it there’s a shot on the other side of this paper in which to add the order that comes in does not matter with your penis pic lottery boxes there’s exactly 55 pairs of numbers if you put them in the box format see again I got this other stars by them 0 2 & 1 1 instead of saying 0 2 & 2 0 as just a simple 0 2 and a 1 1 so you will see how many box combinations that there will the two digit game these would be all the boxes just like that no just like that all the way down to 9 9 which is some of 18 that is the highest some value now there’s one more thing that I want to show you you go over here this is the split pair it’s set up the same exact way same exact way okay 9 1 8 the X is in the middle it’s kind of better to do it this way I prefer if you want to try to hit it straight do the split pair because the middle number for some reason is it’s more predictable to try to figure out the first or the last the middle I don’t know what it is about that middle number but let’s just say ok 9 X 8 4 X 0 you go right here the 9 8 paired is in the fourth row the 4 X 0 pair is in the 2nd row so each graph that you do the rows may vary knee may be a little bit different so you pick the one that you want like that ok 6 X 4 has a dot by it and it has a sum value of 10 so you do need the same exact way you can just about tail if you’re going to take the front back or split pair if it’s going to be double otters that will even digits if you track them ok we’re going to do the evening and you can see what’s going on this is how you set up your log if you want to try to hit it straight all you have to do is figure out if you want to do a front back or split paired you do the rows you do the some values and that you do the root sum even if you just say fuck it I don’t care about the root sum at least do the some values do that that will tell a lot also to do that okay well this is the end of this video I’m going to make another video I hope you enjoyed it but this is the log that I set up for the excuse me for the bow of the pears if you’re going to try to hit it straight all right. .

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