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hello this is genius again okay we’re going to go down as the back here now remember on my other video when I lined up the the some values now I was talking about that 14 in the back I thought it was going to come in the midday but look what happened they pulled a 14 right here in the evening and it was the very next day after I made my prediction and there was only fuels numbers behalf of 14 in it which was 5995 the 95 295 came out in the evening of the 17 this is the back pair that X is pasta via to was 295 okay we’re going to try to see what’s going on for the midday today it’s about eleven o’clock in the morning so I gotta hurry up and put it up put up my ha you see see what’s going on like okay we’re going to look at the Rose this time we’re gonna see if we can try and narrow it down like five or six combinations you could play them all and you know get your fifty dollars or however you want to do it okay that’s three that’s four that’s four to ones you go up here okay let’s just go ahead and going back all the way to the first I’m going to do it like we did last time I’m gonna track them that way okay that’s odd and even so that’s one for us are even send me I’d see them pull and then in the midday 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 while odds aight even 9 10 11 12 as mainly odds it’s time for even to come in the midday last time they pull it even was on the 11 I was a row for they haven’t pulled no tues since the 9th in the mid day they’ve always pulled two let’s check that out 12 then a skipper to use no tubes there’s a 444 is 31 34 34 to it you know what I think is going to be in row to the two this morning now some values notice that there’s two sets of numbers 0 29 and if you got 10 through 18 so that maze basically means there’s 19 sets of numbers ok that’s a single at nine and ten single as a team team single two teams to singles two teams you got one two three four five singles then you got 11 you got a 10 7 one you see all these singles okay it’s time it’s time for a double digit number four in the back so that means that our to what I’m seeing is for the back pair Artie was coming out and it’s going to have double digits I mean I’m sorry the sum value of it is going to be more than nine you see them saying now we’re going to see if it’s going to be okay kind of messing up this is not like me do this the right way okay the 25th I’m going to go down here a pool yesterday 471 okay and eight nine double dot double even digits okay wait a minute okay double dot double even okay I want you judge for yourself that 95 is too high digits as i said before to in case i didn’t know i didn’t say it but i know i said it zero digit zero thing for our low digits and 529 anh huynh digits so i also look at those two you see that seven at zero but seven is a high zeros alone that’s a high low to look forward at the low low so let’s see last time they pull a double lo ok right here 01 and you got a 10 in the evening you got a double height which is a 95 another double high so you know again to eliminate that a double high is not coming today for the midday so basically it’s just the process of elimination what I’m doing is I try to first figure out what row it is as you can successfully do the role in world was only for them that’s the easy part then you look at the some day you see if it’s a 0 to 9 or a 10 through 18 then the third part is you look and see if it’s going to be double double evens even if you cannot figure that part out that’s confusing you look and see if it’s going to have to lowes to highs are low on a high or the other way I high in the low and you can basically break it down just like that and all that crap about you see the same back front or split pair keep coming out that same number they think they can kill that shit ok so my opinion in this case is our 24 the back pairs today at a midday take out take out the arm the ones that have done they’re all high digits and use the ones that have the double digits ok well that’s it for today.


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