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guys and back house everyone on this video I will explain very little about the pic tree strategy this strategy your odds of winning becomes 80 to 90% winning guarantee okay guys let’s proceed okay since we all know that big tree has three numbers for every combination example two seven one this is the first row the second row and the third row on this example my first row is one and two the first number the second number is eight and seven and the third number is zero to nine all the possible numbers for pick tree this strategy and technique is for pick three daily tree tree and short rest you can apply this in your local lottery or any kind of lottery that involves three digit lottery my first row I distribute one on the first row eight on the second row and as you can see all the possible arrow to nine numbers okay first number Row one okay because I had I had my first my first number is 1 & 2 so let’s distribute 1 & 2 on the first row okay first one 1 to 2 as you can see 1 & 2 is only first the first row and the second number will distribute the 8 & 7 so 8 on the second 8 on the second and 7 on the second row hope this is very clear guys and on the last row all the possible number guys hope my explanation and guide is very clear just apply on your local lottery but you can back test first before wagging and painting you can see this becomes powerful because the first row 1 & 2 we occupy two numbers so wait for previous number that is drawn on the exact position eliminate those and select your first row number and also applied for the second number row but on the last row we occupy all pokey not eliminate on the third row guys this technique is very powerful in winning straight jackpot wins on castrate daily tree and switches guys don’t forget to Like share and subscribe thank you.


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