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seven five six seven come back I want to show you something this is for the tick to lottery doesn’t matter if it’s planet Venus planet Mars or whatever these are the Box combinations I want to show you the boxes first and I want to show you a simple strategy for it row number one number two and number three now again notice I said box combinations are not straight look at that number forty seven four plus seven equals eleven but if you get some of that numbers of two and also I have dots beside some of them that represents that the digit on the left is a even digit and the digit on the right is an odd digit so let’s go ahead show your rows so you know what the combinations look like and a box formats I don’t live in the state of Florida I live in the state of Michigan but I like studying two different 2g games like again the state of Florida the state of Pennsylvania also has a two digit game that I notice there’s a few other states but to keep it law of they keep it short and simple these are the Box combinations for the two digit game or there are some states that have something called a front back and split pair like Ohio you can just play the first two numbers and you can go ahead and win the $50 prize now this is what I want to show you are really so yellow these are the actual results for the state of Florida I got the route sums next to it and again if you look at the numbers the way they actually pulled it on a left hand side there’s an even digit and on the right hand side there’s odd digits that dot that represents that for the route sums numbers four five and six are circled that way I haven’t basically do all the route sums derived into two or three distinct categories one two and three is that that’s category number one so if you see a route one two or three that’s coming then you can take out all the other route sums and you can subtract them let’s just say you find you successfully find out which row it’s going to be in in a box these are the straight rules I’m going to talk to you about that in a minute but these right here are in a box and which are in numerical order they don’t always pull the numbers in numerical order but you will get the idea okay on the 18th of March a pull number 11 which is in row number 1 for the box combinations again not below that is 41 now if you were doing in a straight cut up for the straight combinations at adian row number 2 but 14 would be in numerical add that that comes to row number 1 right there now if you want to find out what row that the box is going to come in I use something called the neighboring system row number 1 for the mid day came out it came out again for the evening so he stayed home but then the next day he wanted to go to his neighbor’s house I circled it so this is right there directly next door then he went from 2 back to 2 again which means they spent the night over and went from 2 and went to 1 it went right next door so I circulate but you get the idea from 1 back 2 to the 2 then went from 2 to 3 so you can basically see if it’s going to go next door I’m right next door if it’s going to stay home if you want to say that now look at this if you go all the way down the page right here you’ll see a string of numbers it looks kind of funny to me because there’s only two digits but you can pretty much see if it’s double I doubled evens double lows double highs you can you can pretty much see as self explanatory this is the other charge for the straight format now I know I can’t draw that good but I put that there someone asked me is this for all states and all planets and I say yes it’s a two digit game then yes it’s for every last one of them but again you can use this chart right here this is our one if you have a front back or split pair you can also use this system just like that and put an X on the back to represent that hey I’m just doing the first two with the root sums and with the rows these are the straight combinations and obviously the borders are double zeros all the way to 33 that is the first then you have our to number 34 all the way to 66 which is the second border that would be the end of our to our three you have the last one number 67 all the way to the last number which is 99 again you can use the same system well these are actual results by the way to for the state of Florida this is what actually came out so whoever is in the state of Florida please pay attention to this see all the way down the page I would use something called the process of elimination in this game because they’re only taking two numbers so let’s just say you want to hurry up and hit in the box and you want to weigh the number is what you do you look and see which row that the number actually came in just like this doesn’t matter if there’s 62 or 26 that still are 2 doesn’t matter if it’s 28 or 82 it’s still in our two so if you see that number and they pull it you write it down right here and see what’s row it said and I’m showing you the combinations right here it’s not that many combinations what you do is this you could sit on a row you can have a set of a pet number you can have a pen row sit on row number three wait for it to come and pull out any type of numbers that you know that are not coming take about three or four digits that you know that are not coming because they’re only picking two out of the ten numbers on the numerical scale and you take out three or four root sums and it will cut it pretty much 75 percent of the numbers that be gone you can just play the rest you can go ahead to weigh them and hit it straight okay this is one thing I want to mention before I shut the camera off actually is a few things I didn’t get a lot of hits on this I was trying to send a red alert to everybody about a mistake that I made on group number three of the chart that I was showing right here which says 669 I noticed that I accidentally put triple zeros around the 669 one of the videos that I made so I’m putting on a red alert that make sure everybody gets this now I went ahead and I looked at the video and I double checked it I made the accuracy of it it’s pretty accurate and that is the only number that was missing but again these are the combinations right here someone asked me to by the way what are the double dots means the double dot mean that that number has all odd digits or in some cases are even digits the single dutch meaning that again there’s a parent that equals nine and the five basic pairs are zero nine one eight two seven three six and four or five those are the five basic pairs and double nines but this double nine is all odd digit so I’ll put two dots one more thing and I’m getting ready to shut the camera off I want to tell let everybody know that I am a child member of a company called Motor Club of America now this is the this is the advertisement that I’m going to put in the USA Today paper I’m not going to put it in now I got to get a few more dollars up because it is very very expensive to run the ad this is my web C’s or my websites now let’s just say if you want to do the business and you want it to membership there’s the web address TVC market I’m sorry TVC matrix comm that you put a forward slash and that’s my code number one five three seven two four four eight if you just want the membership you can say I don’t want to sell it but you want to check out the membership only TVC marketing comm forward slash one five three seven two four four eight one thing I have to mention there is no memberships in the state of North Dakota I put a sad face there I don’t know the real reason why but you can always call the company and they can tell you more about it better than I can later on what I’m going to do too is I’m going to get a 1 800 voicemail box number so that whoever signs up under me will have access full exit to my voicemail box and they will get my phone number I’m not going to give my phone number up right now because I don’t know if my phone is gonna blow up but these are only going to be for the people who do sign up for me you will get my phone number this right here is my membership card by the way that is my real name in case people want to know this is the phone these are the phone numbers that you can reach the company at this is not my phone number is it a car company phone this is my membership card right here that’s what the card looks like it’s Motor Club of America that’s the company that I’m with I’m actually a marketing representative I market this product this right here I’m explaining just a little bit about the card imma shut shut the video off this right here I don’t know if you can really see it the camera is not that good on this phone basically it’s like a membership card you get different discounts let’s just see if your car breaks down 1015 miles from your house you get to get the car towed back back back to your house or I believe is even your house I know you can tell it to uh to your dealership or nearest repair facility or whatever and it’s also a $500 a rest bond let’s just say you’re not a street cop get the with you and come to find out all you guys traffic tickets you got to want for your arrest this will get you out of jail but the limit is $500 that is the limits and this is you get this membership card upon pan for the membership one thing I want to mention too in order to market this product you do not have to purchase the membership I will be misleading people if I was to lie and tell them that they will cancel my account they will terminate my account so I’m going to let you know that if you want to sell this product you do not have to pay to become a representative the website is free but I’m telling you you need to purchase this plan because actually is a damn good plan if you look on my website I want everybody go on my website and check it out again if you want to do both purchase the actual membership and market the product TVC matrix com if you just want the membership there it is right there once you start marketing this pretty good but the way that you market it you have to first call the number again on the back and get permission from the staff that way they can approve your ad or else again they will cancel your membership so there it is I hope you all learned something today and God bless y’all give me a positive response.


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