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Use mirror numbers and tic tac toe grids to get your winning numbers!!.

hey everyone today I’m going to show you another pic three strategy utilizing the tic tac toe grids please be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already this also uses mirror numbers so I’ve listed them your numbers up here if you’re not familiar with those but to start with you’re just gonna use the previous day’s draw and in this example I’m using a number from George’s midday on September 25th they’re winning draw that day was 396 so you’re gonna put the draw in your grid diagonally so you have three nine six and then on the tic tac toe grid next to it you’re gonna put the mirror number of the winning draw so the mirror number of three is eight you’re number of nine is for mirror number of six is one now once you have those numbers into filling the rest of your grid you’re just gonna add one from this bottom right number and go around so from six we’d have seven eight nine ten eleven twelve from one we’d have two three four five six seven now once you have the numbers filled in it’s not like regular tic tac toe where you’re gonna look for numbers across down diagonal you’re looking for any three numbers that are touching so it could be like six for one or seven for two or eight for for any combination of three numbers touching so the next three days after this draw with the three nine six the three numbers that came after it those next three days we’re all in this set up so on the twenty six the draw was seven eight to here you have two seven eight on the 27 that was one three two and here you’ve got those three two one there and on the 28th it was 287 and here again you’ve got that so this again is another one you can easily backtrack in your state and see if it’s working well if you have questions let me know be sure to subscribe and thanks for watching.


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