My Lotto Strategy Live On Channel 10 Breakfast Henry Hotline Video

Lotto Strategies

I called up the hotline never thought they would use it lol.

now i believe the Henry hotline has been ringing this morning on a range of issues let’s take a listen to one of them when buying a lottery ticket you should always just buy two tickets with the same number because if you win one of the smaller prizes you get double that and if you have to share the main prize you get a bigger chunk yeah you’re absolutely right never thought of it’s a very very good strategy because there are certain even though it’s a complete game of chance there are strategies which can help you win more if you do win and that is one of them the same guy x 3 x 4 yeah although what you’ve got to realize is it doesn’t increase your odds of winning it increases your odds of a big win if you win right so surprised money yeah yeah okay so it is actually quite a good strategy i was just thinking about Herman here because earlier we sure he’s spent four dollars 80 which for Herman is it is a monstrous of this.


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