My Betting Strategy For Roulette And Coin Flip In Cs Go (Cs Go Gameplay) Video

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So I Finally made The video ALOT of you have requested For a Long Time Now!! And That is My Betting Strategy For Roulette And Coin Flip and how i Get all my skins for in cs go 🙂

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You Better Remember that there is no guarantees while Betting in cs go or at all!.

is that it yeah right daddy yeah what’s up guys it’s a chicken flying and in today’s video I’m gonna talk about my strategy when it comes to betting okay so a lot a lot like a lot of you told me to make this video so I’m finally making it and I hope you’re happy now and but do keep in mind there’s no guarantees whatsoever when it comes to betting so don’t go put all your skin’s into csgo egg after this just to do this tactic that like it’s no guarantees you could just lose everything you have okay this is just the way I usually BET and it usually works for me personally I usually come up with a profit but there’s no guarantees whatsoever you could lose everything you have keep that in mind always keep that in mind there’s no guarantees when it comes to betting and betting can be really addictive I personally I I don’t really feel addicted to gambling but keep in mind that it is addictive and you could lose everything you have but this is the tactic I use and it works really good for me and I’m gonna talk about the tactic in a minute but first of all I need your help so I want $50 in csgo a kind of fun I’m talking about this when I just said like bet gambling isn’t whatever good but I won $50 on cska way today and I withdrew on a VPS mob and once I got that a VPS ml I saw that it has a Titan hollow stick around it from 2015 if you don’t know that sticker is worth 31 euros and that’s basically what the ABP asimov is worth to so I’m wondering does the sticker affect the value of the gun or not cuz I feel like it should since it’s a $31 sticker like that’s an insane amount of money for just a sticker it’s not the gun it’s a sticker okay so began it’s worth like maybe $40 45 I don’t know and the stickers were worth thirty one dollars or Jiro’s and so my question is does the sticker affect the value or not that’s my question okay so yeah that’s that’s just what I wanted to ask so let’s get into the action strategy or tactic or whatever so what I do when I bet is I go to cska Vega always bet on Cisco AG cuz I don’t know I’ve had so much luck on that side I did usually I I was betting on Cisco double a while back but I just stopped because I didn’t have any luck there and yeah so I just went to csgo egg and now I’m actually sponsored by them so if you want three 25 cents on the site use my code flight to get 25 cents for free and yeah that’s pretty cool so all you want to do to do this tactic is just to bet the lowest you can on a coin flip or roulette okay I usually go with coin flip because I’ve had more lacking points they’ve done really lately so when I do this I usually go to coin flip and I put 0.25 eggs where like it’s 25 cents so basically put 105 cents on whatever team you think would win like CT or tea I always pick CT cuz you yeah I don’t know people usually just pick one side and I pick it every single round and yeah I usually put on CT because I don’t have more luck on CT and then if I win I put 25 cents again but if I lose I put 50 cents so then if I win with those 50 cents I will get my 25 cents back plus another 25 cents so you basically want to double every time you lose and when you win you just want to go back to 25 cents again so put 25 cents and if you win you put 25 cents again and then if you win you put one of us 5 cents again but then if you lose you put 50 cents and if you lose that you put $1 and if you just add $2 and then if you win that then you will have all your money back plus another 25 cents and then you just want to put 25 cents again so basically you will just what you just want to keep on betting the lowest you can and then doubling whenever you lose and then when you win you go back to 25 cents and it might sound dumb but when you think about it it’s actually pretty smart and I don’t brag but I found I kind of started doing it by myself but I know this is it’s I feel like it’s a name for this tactic because I did see another guy making a video about this tactic a while back and now a lot of you asked me how I actually bet on csgo egg and another thing actually do 160 egg is I bet on green on roulette if you don’t know one or let’s you will get 18 times whatever you put in especially on well on C square you will get 18 times I think like Isis will double you get 14 times or 12 or whatever no C square you get 18 times d once you put in so I usually one thing that I usually do is let’s say I’ve made five dollars from the first tactic that I talked about putting 25 cents then I will pick then I will put 50 cents 10 rounds in a row on roulette on green and if it lands on green I will have 9 euros and if I if it doesn’t then I will have nothing and that’s kind of risky ok I know what’s risky and you don’t need to do any of this at all like you don’t have to do any of whatever I just said but if you haven’t used a code already on Cisco a guy would I would recommend you use a code you don’t need not use mine but mine is fly if you want to use it you will get 25 cents for free you can try this out and try your life like theirs yeah like you can win a lot you could lose and there’s no guarantees just keep that in mind don’t put all your skins in and hope to win because there’s no guarantees whatsoever so thank you for watching this video don’t forget like video subscribe and call me dad in the comments and thanks for all the support lady I really appreciate it and thanks for 6000 subscribers so thank you for watching and bye vision a gamer fleek and take a better life and I chosen a capital y our nigga movin on and I’ve been down and out cuz I was over the answer but never really had no question submitted I’m accepted I’m getting sick of tired of rejection I said I can’t deal with the masses of any constant I wish I wasn’t in suppress so I can deal with the stress I’m feeling or thousand debating whatever coming new with the kids. .

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