Mind Movies Review #2 | Custom Movie I Made – My Volvo Xc90 Video

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So, it’s no secret that I’m enjoying using and reviewing Mind Movies, and here’s a sample Mind Movie I made for something I personally have decided I would like. But, there is something quite important that I’d like to add about using this software. (Here’s the written review: at my about how to make Mind Movies, I talk about the importance of being REALLY CERTAIN that you want and are READY TO ACCEPT AND RECEIVE what you THINK you want. (Visit my “How to Make Mind Movies at the chapter: them for yourself: if you are going to make vision boards by hand, or if you’re going to make them using online vision board software like Mind Movies, I truly believe you’ll have greater joy and success if you follow the steps I offer.

Please take a moment to read the and my own example of the Mind Movie that I just shared will make a lot more sense (in case you’re wondering why I want a Volvo XC90 instead of a, say, Ferrari or some other cool car…) 🙂

In fact, I just released a Goal Setting Book that goes into this in more detail, and you can read about the book here: have a few other Mind Movie videos here at YouTube if you would like to watch them:
This was my very first attempt at making an online Vision Board: this one shows my Mind Movie review and the demonstration of how you actually make or create a Mind Movie: visit us on.

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