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Hot Numbers and lottery wheel to use for MEGA Millions and Powerball!!.

hey everyone today I’m bringing you the hot numbers for a Mega Millions and Powerball we’ve got the Mega Millions Raw tonight and Powerball tomorrow so I wanted to get these numbers out to you please be sure to subscribe we’ll start with the Mega Millions I’ve got the hot and overdue numbers listed here at the top as well as the mega balls hot and overdue numbers if there are certain numbers that you are playing and you just want to add a few of these hot or overdue numbers you can do that but I’ve also set up a lottery wheel just because that’s a quick easy way to have a strategy of using these numbers if you’re looking for that the lottery wheels pretty simple I just picked some numbers from the hot and overdue numbers to fill in my lottery wheel ten numbers and then you just get any combination of five numbers out of your lottery wheel so it would give you a lot of combinations it’s just a matter of how many that you’re looking to play so like my first combination I just did every other number so I did 26 31 43 seventy three four and then just add it on one of the Mega Ball numbers second combination is just the other set 518 50 29 68 and then you could do the last five the beginning five middle five it’s really it just depends how many numbers you’re looking to play so that’s just the suggestion if you’re looking for a strategy for Mega Millions or Powerball but like I said you can really use any combination of these numbers or if you have certain dates that you want to use just to remember that you don’t want to exclusively use numbers 31 and lower because people tend to just pick anniversaries birthdays but they forget to do some of the higher numbers and almost always it’s gonna be at least one or two numbers over 31 so just a little tip there now with Powerball I’ve also got those hot and overdue numbers as well as the Powerball is hot overdue numbers same thing with the lottery wheel and just some examples of combinations you could play if you have any questions let me know good luck and thanks for watching.


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