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Lotto – Strategies Lotto Lucky Numbers Birth Dates Anniversary – Jady Davis newspaper columnist the use of numbers 1 to 31 crossed more than numbers 32 or higher – the effect on divisional payouts with numbers crossed more than others – Can a strategy be devised to improve your winnings using some numbers higher than 31. Predicting the outcome of individual numbers is not possible – Least & most crossed number 1977 – 81 the results are still relevant today. strategy discussed here would have no effect on lotto revenue state or otherwise.

The information presented on this video is for general information on strategies -.

hi generic Jean here alias JD Davison I’m known for writing gaming books on the odds and strategies for games of chance notably lotto blackjack roulette etc I’ll cover quickly here a lot on the strategy that we put together when I say we in concert with some mathematicians and the help of lot of management in New South Wales back in 1980 81 they were so kindly to give me access to data in order to prove the theory that I had for a particular strategy the interesting part about lotto is that now there is no way of picking six numbers and saying I’m gonna make a fortune if you’re paid for a system that says yes these are the numbers to fill out and we down to win forget what we can do though however is that we can have a look at it and assuming that people cross numbers one to thirty one more frequently the numbers higher than 31 so wonder 31 that covers birth dates anniversary dates lucky numbers as a general rule and people tend to use these numbers more frequently than other numbers to that obvious reason and a concentration of these numbers if some of them did come out in a division win you would probably get a smaller return if you had were using these numbers but if you’re using some numbers higher than 32 between 30 to 45 into in the wonder 45 numbered gain or a numbered gain one to forty niners as is available in some locations if these numbers came out in your coupon it is quite likely you would get a higher division return so rather than get 15 or 25 dollars back for a lower division one that was to pay up you may get 45 say 50 odd dollars now this is just rough figures but it’ll give you an idea of the concept so to back up my theory we’d work this out back with in the 70s some mathematical people and myself we sat down discussed various games and to put it to test I had moto management New South Wales in 1980 81 to run through a hundred thousand coupons which faith so kindly did because in those days I was doing a column for one of the newspapers and then what this actually gave us so that on the average coupon there actually ten game panels played and that gave us a result of over eight hundred and fifty thousand games played between eight hundred and fifty and a million games played to back up our theory and what we did notice was there was a tendency to cross the numbers one to thirty one more frequently than the others so it did give us the statistics to work around and say let’s let’s devise a strategy now and say that if we’re going to play in the long term let’s uh let’s have a go at shooting for some of these higher numbers now we can’t predict they’re going to come out but if they do you may get a higher division return so that that gives you some insight of the strategy you can apply for lotto thanks for doing some more like chips coming.


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