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Over the years, experienced lottery players have made serious improvements in regards to the strategies they use. Increase your chances to win the lottery. Play the lottery with a clearly outlined approach.


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increase your chances to win the lottery play the lottery with a clearly outlined approach so as to not be like the holiday lottery players affected by lottery fever these guys literally just randomly select their number and they’re also the ones that whine and find every possible excuse there is over the years experienced lottery players have made serious improvements for the strategies they used to win thanks to networking online forums social network groups these ideas are spreading like wildfire I bet you’re also part of these communities one thing to note however is that one strategy does not fit all lotteries even if it does you have to put in extra hours to adapt it to the specific lotto rules however most the top lottery strategies you’re gonna see here are pretty flexible another thing this is a strategy people even the definition of the word strategy says that the results come up in the long run even an incremental increase in your overall returns is a great step forward don’t lose hope due to the nature of the lottery I can’t say what strategies are going to be right or wrong but I can say which ones I have tried and which ones have worked for me in the end it all comes down to persistence and the amount of resources you invest players favorite betting on the most frequent numbers before the expansion of the internet and technology in general analyzing past results was a real struggle nowadays this information is easily available this approach makes a lot of sense because there are numbers that come up rarely making them a poor choice it doesn’t take an expert to know that a number that was part of the winning combination more frequently has in fact higher chances of becoming one of the winning numbers again now I want to recommend something don’t go back a few years in the past results the past six months will do just fine you know that the drums are change the balls are switched as well the information is only as good as its accuracy and reliability like all others though this strategy has its flaws as the most popular strategy for this year and according to the trends 2018 you’ll have to share your prize with several lottery winners the undisputed lottery wheels advanced combinatorics if we were looking for a lot of D strategy that fits all lottery rules lottery wheels or lottery wheeling is the way to go it requires a big volume of lottery tickets but it’s worth it in a way it’s advanced combinatorics a mix of mathematics probabilities and statistics no need to be afraid courteous fellow lottery players who have every right to call themselves experts have prepared entire systems guides that are really rather helpful lottery players who have tried the majority of lottery strategies usually recommend this particular approach sure it seems overwhelming but is it it’s like learning to ride a bicycle once you get the hang of it it’s there this lottery strategy was first introduced in the 1970s however many players were unaware of its existence as I mentioned earlier the Internet is doing his job it’s spreading the floor of lottery wheeling is the learning curve it takes time patience and a lot of research to master this approach the pyramid system a new rising star I was pretty reluctant to try the pyramid system although I’m not a big fan of it it brings forth positive results in pick 3 and pick 4 lattos the name of the strategy comes from the shape the number state when you arrange them to come up with the initial digits which will be the source for the combinations you play in a way it’s similar to lottery wheels but it’s more straightforward this comes in price you still need a large volume of lottery tickets but there’s no guarantee you’ll get any returns it’s based on past results but it has nothing to do with statistics playing frequently winning numbers is a different thing you’re taking into consideration many draws it just makes sense however don’t be ignorant give it a shot magic square although infamous still in play the origins of this approach date back to ancient times it consists of numbers put in one big square the sum of each line is the same I find this useful when I test some new strategies to see if I have or have not focused too much on high or low numbers even as a standalone approach it can do wonders it eliminates any bad lottery combinations in my opinion this is the easiest system to use it’s simple and it works the floor it doesn’t consider the lottery rules at all back in the days this was my favorite system to be honest it was love at first sight I recommend this the lottery play who are new to the game it’ll introduce you to the fundamental principles of the lottery numerology the lottery strategy of the 2010’s lottery players that forget strategies pay dividends in the long run fall for desperate ways personally I’m not a fan of numerology it’s pretty much like playing the lottery with random numbers now when somebody tells you these you’re lucky numbers that get special meaning to you if you win it works you don’t it doesn’t fake testimonials the selling point of numerology as a viable lottery strategy nonetheless the cure is personally I gave it a shot boy oh boy was I surprised I did some research and I played the same numbers for two whole weeks the return rates increased drastically but soon after that they went down the drain I can’t say for sure that it won’t get you closer to becoming a lottery winner but it definitely deserves to be on the list of the top lottery strategies for 2017 to 2018 the least popular custom tailored lottery combinations for a given lottery although the least popular I think this is literally the best the top the undisputed lottery strategy that can get you the much desired jackpot yes it’s demanding yes you’ll need a lot of time yes trial and error is involved and yes you will become a better lottery player in general and lastly yes you will win more feel free to brag with your very own lottery strategy I’m sure fellow lottery players would like to hear and test your approach after all that’s what the lottery is all about well not exactly but still even if you’re onto something that you haven’t planned it out in detail share your thoughts lottery players are not lazy but they do not like to come up with new lottery strategies we usually prefer the easy route the safe path.


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