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now to the mega millions jackpot topping 363 million dollars right now tonight’s drawing is going to make someone very rich and there’s still time to buy a ticket ABC’s young g denise is in Atlanta with some corners that could help us win big young g do tell that’s right Robin we all are going to win with these tips this morning these machines are going to be so busy today that’s because by this time tomorrow one lucky person could beat 363 million dollars richer so how do you pick that winning ticket well turns out it’s a combination of luck and strategy 363 million dollars is a lot of money whomever wins tomorrow will end up richer than Tom Cruise Elton John even j.lo and Brittany but how do you get lucky with tens of thousands of tickets on sale in almost every state in the country we went to Richard lusting who literally wrote the book on winning after hitting the jackpot himself seven times he says first do your homework going on and making sure the set or sets of numbers you play have never come up before that’s very important don’t leave it to the Machine pick your own numbers do not play quick picks plus it plays the lottery like a full time job and though he’s won big he loses two but he never stops playing above all he says commit to your numbers and stick with your strategy yet to learn what numbers to play and how often to plan and stay cool avoid lottery fever when the jackpot gets this high people tend to spend too much on tickets don’t go crazy because no matter how many you buy your odds are still the same and if you believe it’s only a matter of time before every number is drawn grab a pencil these numbers 12 13 41 55 and 56 have not come up in the last 25 drawings and this time might be their turn the drawing is tonight Robin and George good luck well neither of you guys are right now that the six. .

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