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hello everyone in I’m going to show you how to win at any pick 3 game this right here what you see here is um the first six um day and evening draws for January 2016 and I’m going to show you how they come up with these numbers all right um January 1st that day’s number was 413 so you put down 4 1 3 4 1 3 and then you plus 1 minus 1 okay you say 5 6 7 8 2 3 4 5 4 5 6 7 and then you go here and you do the you say 3 2 1 0 you go 0 1 2 0 excuse me 0 9 8 7 then you go 3 2 1 0 9 okay either you do these numbers just like this here you take 4 1 3 and then you go to this right here and put 8 5 7 and then you go from here to here then you put zero seven nine okay after you do that this right here is your regular set of numbers but then you can go over and say plus 5 y plus 5 will be 9 6 8 3 0 2 5 2 4 remember when you’re getting ready to do your numbers always 0 1 4 your negative 0 9 4 your negative 8 when you’re going to plus you say 0 1 2 3 always there is no teens it’s always the zero okay to go back up here these set our numbers right here are going to come out we don’t know exactly what number going to come out so you have to be picky to what number is going to come out so just to show you that this works we’re going to see what the next drawn number was the next day’s drum with a draw number if North Carolina Education Lottery was eight nine six so remember this is the regular draw from four one three and we did our mathematics and then we plus five and the first thing we come up with is nine six eight this is the Zack same number that comes out right up here nine six eight eight six nine this will be for a any and you would 1 if you would have picked this number right here and possibly dated fifty fifty and then you would have one to any part of fifty fifty which would have been about forty to eighty dollars okay go on we’re going to do the eight nine six on the eight nine six you got eight nine six eight nine six and the plus here the minus here we say nineteen eleven twelve plus here we got ten eleven twelve thirteen here we got six seven eight nine ten okay for the 1 remember these are we plus 1 minus 1 and then plus five minus one we seven six five four eight seven six five five four three two so now what we have to do is have to take the eight nine six the two three oh and the four five oh and then we do the plus five remember this first set is the the eight nine six two two thirty and the 452 my bad y’all 452 here and then we’re going to do two plus five so we say thirteen fourteen eleven seven eight five then we got nineteen seven so already we know that this number comes from the 413 over here because they’re the number right here the top number 413 so this would be already the mother number for 1 3 then it comes from and so we got to figure out what’s the next number so this number right here it eventually came out at a later date and now we’re going to go ahead on and figure out where that number comes from it comes from 937 on the 12th and there we go right here 379 goes on the 12th right here the jaw for the evening drunk was 937 yeah okay we’re going to go right back up here to this the 126 that was the day draw for the nullcline Education Lottery here January 2016 so we’re going to do it and we want to say give me a minute one two six one two six plus one is gone for our regular and then plus five we got two three four five three four five six seven eight nine ten minus one zero nine eight seven one zero nine eight one five four three two so our numbers 126 567 8 a plus 5 will be six seven one zero one five two three seven 126 and we’re trying to figure out what numbers gonna come out after 126 and here we see a couple of days down on the same day three five seven way to that three five seven comes from it comes from the 126 so here’s the three five seven the 375 can you see that debt yeah you can whether you could say 2 3 5 7 here and all the way back around these numbers are easy you have to go through and record a whole month worth of tracking and going through it doing your plus ones your minus ones your regular numbers and then your plus five you’re going to spend a lot of money but this will help you beat the money and win the lottery okay thank you and have a next date tune in later for more examples on how to beat the lottery.


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