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hi sush here like the look of all those winning tickets well I’m going to share with you today how you could win the lotto nearly every week like I do as you can see it’s my winning ticket for usually ever win a lot every week well though I just got the jackpot yet there was one decent win over sales dollars the rest of the winds between around 12 and eighty dollars so pretty much make my money back or make a little pocket money so as a dunya life so here’s a secret well it’s not really a secret more of a calculation based on and I’m a frequency and also I mindset their cries you to think like a winner probably would have heard of it before it’s called the law of attraction or get deeper into this in my next video but for now let’s have a look at the number frequency or used to win lotto only every week of the year okay so first of all go to you what our website and find the tab that says last 10 results now choose a game you want to play tough spot on what a Powerball etc now this system works for me on the australian lottery system within mainly 45 numbers to pick from in each game apart from powerball 70 66 in the pool i guess it it still works for those overseas what I was like euromillions us mega millions and so on we just have to have our largest set of numbers okay so now you have your wife tendrils of your chosen gain just go ahead and copy all the numbers to a sheet of paper including the supplementary just like this you as you see at the bottom of the sheet I’ve put the numbers from one to six this will be the frequency section where you put the numbers you have marked off according to how many times they appear on your sheet okay so let’s start with 38 so 38 he has been drawn two times and last 10 weeks so we mark them off put 38 in the number two section now just go through at least one number at a time marking them off and putting them in the corresponding frequency section once you’ve done that you should have something or look like this as you can see are some numbers cross down in my frequency section this is where I’ve been going through the list and found a number that I’ve quickly previously missed so I just cross it off and move it over to the next frequency number section right so now we have our most frequent numbers that have been drawn in the last ten draws only use the numbers from the third box up and discard the two and one sections so now we have 30 numbers to work with you might have more or less just depending on the frequency of the time you’re playing ok so this game is to swallow so we’re going to need six numbers here we have a set of 13 so we have an odd one out you can either take that one out to even it up or just play it it’s up to you but I will take it out just because the two is on a time now what you do is take those 12 numbers and start putting them down in groups of six so let’s take the first six and the second six there’s our first two lines all normally play 18 games then sometimes if I’m feeling good I’ll get a quick pic but you can play have many games you like according to your budget all right say if you got to win you’ll win no matter if you’re playing one line 100 lines even though the minimum is for one there you get my crystals there are many wheeling systems and lotto formulas out there you can pay money for these its place them in the skins I personally have not touched any of these but I guess your system I use is a bit of a mix of a few of those systems might I work for you right away but just keep playing instead of numbers and really use the law of attraction which when you subscribe to my channel I’ll let you know how that part of the winning lotto or getting anything you want really in your life can happen if you really believe visualize and use positive thinking on a daily basis oh and don’t forget to celebrate your win no matter how small or big it might be so please don’t forget to subscribe and stay tuned to see my next video on how the law of attraction works and how it’s worked in my life and how you can make a work in your own life well thanks for watching and good luck oh yeah feel free to use the numbers shown as go come back to leave a comment let me know how you win if you win the jackpot any donations will be greatly appreciated of a good one.


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