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Increase your odds of winning Pick 4 with the date rundown!! Examples using CT and OH numbers!.

Hey everyone today I’m doing a date rundown for the pick 4 games, please remember to subscribe.So this is a strategy that I did a couple weeks ago and. I’m doing it again because it’s really working well in quite a few states and i had requests for connecticut and ohio. So i’m goingto show you those numbers and when i was backtracking it was consistently hitting. With this strategy so that’s why i’m using it but if you have notseen. The video from a couple weeks ago i will link it to this one because that will go into a little more detail as far.

As how you do this strategybut.For now i’ll show you an example and then get into the numbers for the coming dayso this example is from ohio’s evening draw. Their draw on. December 2nd was 3 2 9 2To set up your rundown the first number comes from your month the 12 here you drop the 1 keep the 2The second number is from your day and that’s where the other 2 comes from and the last two numbers are always from the year. So that’s why it’s 2 2 1 7 there and then below that you put in your hit. From the 3 2 9 2 and then you just do the rundown like regularadding the numbers all the way down until you get back to your hit draw and thenyour highlighting just your date sum not the hit sum.

So my date sum is coming from the 12 plus 2 would give you 14 you drop the 1 keep the 4 soi’ve got my fours highlightedso then the next day the midday draw after this evening draw was 7 4 2 4and right here you can see 7 4 2 4 right in there with the foursso.That’s just, to give you a little background on how it’s working in ohiotheir draw last evening on december 4th was 8 8 6 7So i’ve set up therundown now it’s a little different because the date is different so the 2 here is from your 12 the 4 is from your day and. The 17 is from your year so the 6s are highlighted because of my date sum ,a lot of sixes in this run downand then i. Listed some numbers that i think would be good to play for today’s midday draw now i just want to point out. Here you’ve got, 6405 and 6450it’s also showing up a lot of different ways. So i think that would be a really good number to play if you’re only gonna play one number.

But, i’ve also got the 2406 because that’s showing up multiple places and then 2057But again if you arelooking to just play one number i would stick with the 6405.I think that’s a good number to play andthen for Connecticut their draw on last evening was 7068So the top number is the same because it’s the same day 2 from the twelve 4 from the day and17 from the year and then you put in your hit 7068highlight the sixes for the date sum. And then i’ve got some numbers listed here that i think will be good to play for the midday. I’m not advocating that you play all of them but you can pick and choose and look at the rundown and see what you think. Would be the best to play. Also this is a good one if you are looking at your state’s hot numbers and you want to narrow down that wayyou can kind of pick and choose based on what the hot numbers are in your state.

So let, me know if you have questions remember to subscribe, like ,share and thanks for watching..

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