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Increase your odds of winning pick 4 with this box strategy!!!.

hey everyone today I’m going to show you a new pic for strategy please remember to subscribe so I’m going to show you an example using Michigan’s daily for numbers but as always you can apply this to any state just backtrack and see how it’s working in your state so to begin you set up two boxes with four down four across and we’re going to be using mirror numbers so I’ve got the mirror numbers listed here if you’re not familiar with those and the example I’m going to show you first is from their evening draw on December 19th that was three five seven eight so to start you’re gonna put that previous draw into your first box diagonally so we’ll have three five seven eight and then you’re gonna add one going around your box so from eight we’ll have nine zero one two three four five six seven eight nine and zero now the second box you’re gonna put the mirror number of your draw so mirror number of three is eight Mir of five is zero Mir of seven is two and near of eight is three and then once you have that you’re just gonna go around the same way adding one so from three we’ll have four five six seven eight nine zero one two three four and five so once your boxes are filled in you’re gonna circle or highlight whichever you prefer your date some number so in this case the date sum is one so I’m going to circle my ones and then I’m also going to circle the mirror number of the dates um so mirror number of one is six I’m also going to circle my sixes now once you have those number circled you would just be looking for four numbers around your circled numbers that you would want to play as a combination now this was the 19th the mid day draw on the 20th was 6:05 three and here you can see 6:05 three a couple different way right there and then also I want to point out here you know one is a mere number of six and you have that right there as well so if you see it where it’s coming out in both boxes but the mirror might be in this one then it’s still worth playing and then the evening draw on the 20th was two two five six right here you can see two two five six or two two five one one being mirror number of six so that would be a good indication that you might want to play that so then I did I took this two two five six number to try to predict numbers for today this is again from the 20th and so the first box we put in the two two five six the second box we put in the mirror number of that so in each we’re just going to add one going around okay eight nine zero one two three four five six seven and eight and then over here we’ll have two three four five six seven eight nine zero one two and three now with this one the dates on would be 2 so we circle our twos and then the mirror of two is seven so we’re also going to circle the sevens now this would be a good one if you look at the hot number video that we do each week you could also compare that to what you’re seeing here to help you choose the numbers I looked at that as well and I’ve got some numbers here at the bottom that I think would be good to play this strategy helps you predict the next day’s draw whether that be midday or evening it’s not necessarily gonna help you with a whole week’s worth of numbers if you’re looking for that a rundown is probably better but if you’re just looking to play one day this strategy is worth trying so let me know if you have questions remember to Like share subscribe and good luck.


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