How To Win Pick 4 Lottery Strategies

Our updated how to win pick 4 lottery strategies guide. Remember that a winning lottery strategy is about finding an edge not magically predicting the next draws numbers. It’s all about the math.

Winning the Pick 4 lottery takes more than luck.  Some players can claim to be lucky because they are.  Like the North Carolina man who keeps winning different lotteries in Virginia.  On October 13th he received his sixth major Virginia Lottery prize when he claimed $65,800 in the Pick 4 midday drawing playing the 5117 as his lucky Pick 4 number.

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In applying the pattern data to the 2009 drawing date, the player sets up to play the 5117 on the Sundays in 2010. The plan is to play 5117 on the Saturday-Sunday-Monday dates in 2010. Since the plan expects the 5117 to be drawn in the exact order, the investment focuses on playing more straight tickets than box back to the calendar for more clues on the 5117, a Virginia Pick 4 player discovers two box forms were winning Pick 4 numbers — 1715 won on 22, 1997, which was a Saturday, and 1175 won on 15, 1999. Now the player can choose to focus on just Sundays and Saturdays with an increased level of play on the 15th and 22nd of the month. Saturday, 22, 2010, the Virginia Pick 4 Lottery drew the 5117 as the winning Pick 4 number in the midday drawing. This is how the calendar strategy in the multi-strategy system can help the player born without luck overcome his or her luckless handicap and play smart to win the Pick 4 for your Gift, How To Play & Win The Pick 4 Lottery, which includes your Pick 4 Mini Tracking Sheet, visit Winning The Pick 4 Views: Tweet Powerful Intentions: Law of Attraction RSS toPowerful Intentions: Law of Attraction Upor Sign Your Trial Group Powerful Intentions.

how to win pick 4 lottery strategies

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Do you know that gambling is one of the hottest game in the entire world? Some people are gambling to earn a living. But how they manage to do that?

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How To Win Pick 4 Lottery StrategiesIm going to teach you how to win 4 numbers by using a successful pick 4 lottery numbers the end of this you will learn 3 How to WIN the pick 4/Lotto numbers How to use this pick 4 lottery strategy guide again and again for the rest of your life to win more How to use this pick 4 lottery guide that guaranteed will be winning lots of money like I did and who knows, you finally buy the dream car or dream house you always dreaming you know that gambling is one of the hottest game in the entire world?. Right now, I have found the success of winning Pick 4 and I know a lot of people like me struggles too. Will this cost me a the good news, want everybody to be able to have access to these great Pick 4 game strategies because I knew what it was like struggling to win any money because I didnt realize the power of Pick 4 game strategies. They wont feel the pinch and it is absolutely legitimate to win using a is why weve made sure to include an ironclad guarantee with Proven Pick 4 Numbers System, so you can give our program a try for 90 days, with NO the next 90 days following the steps for getting your money under control that weve carefully laid out in our program, and if, by the end of that period, you dont feel our program is working for you or you simply change your mind for any reason, just let us gladly refund your full purchase price after you have try it for full 90 days with no questions regular Pick 4 2017 All Rights Reserved Privacy Policy Earnings would have happened if you DECIDE to get my winning Pick 4 System and win some hard cold cash?

yo what up man shit boy 20 hit man look man I’m hitting me over the door tab it is man look man you know first and foremost before we even get into it the example and which I’m using it’s Rhode Island I seen you coming I don’t know who you are I don’t know your name I don’t remember your name but were using you we’re using Rhode Island as an example everyone gets traded to a but I was told that my intro was too long y’all let me know in the comments X anytime I tell y’all let me know in the comment sections y’all never let me know but let me know in the comment section if my intro is too long but meanwhile printers on kik but I tend to keep enough fat you don’t know what’s I don’t niggas don’t know what’s that they don’t niggas don’t know what’s happening or DJ’s blind to the fact that his hat that’s true niggas don’t know what they don’t niggas don’t know was that they don’t nigga don’t know what’s happening or they just blind to the fact that his hat I’m using the black I’m using perfect this makes it that we use in seven seven seven right I said avoid that big old up hold up yo anybody any educators up there any instructors out there any teachers out there how do you clean dry erase markers the race is how do you clean the drop dead anything in the comment section please have you cleaned cuz oh I know the way you clean um I might just put some Cilla’s on the light you know I mean it and just clean it like that but I know it got to be a proper way to do it seven seven seven seven right little kid too all right all right now of course y’all know I wanted looked at it rolled omelet to you guys I think I think I’m pretty certain that y’all’s drawers I’m going draw to draw right he’s gonna draw two drops over from that 4265 on October the 16th 4265 y’all got 65 83 right I’m gonna show you how they got it the same old thing and just different right now the four sevens run down it it’s just it’s just as useful as the one one one right down the fool just as useful but okay let me just do this right now I quit 1 8 8 & 7 is 5 5 & 7 is 2 2 & 7 is 9 9 & 7 4 6 6 & 7 is 3 3 & 7007 and being 4 hopefully I can still see that right there let me make sure your youngster this yet I hope y’all hear my stomach from the wild will leave that meeting so nah 9 and seventy six six and seven is three three seven zero seven four one one seven eight 87 is five five and seven is two yo and while I’m doing this three zero seven four one eight five two nine seven is six two nine six three zero seven four one eight and five right yo if I if you if you never comment ask me what is his song how did I get this number how did I do that number if I didn’t climbing or I didn’t reply it’s not that I didn’t see it instead I covered that and I answered that many times before several times before it’s not my fault that you late to the party if you’re late to the party please go back to my other videos in my previous videos and check them out that answer is there you dig me it is there getting back your text you do you write down man trick ones run down right now we’re looking at you did this one forty to sixty five those came out on a sixteenth night time right or evening how I look at it is even yes evening even if forty to sixty five came on the eve so you use that number to get the midday for our October the 17th WIC if you’re gonna do Cocteau to the 17th we’re gonna do ten seventeen right ten seventeen and the date some of that is what seven right right can you add them together and maybe twenty seven and you only use the ones place did you that’s why it’s twenty seven quick break down right there all right using this guy I’m gonna use the other bracelet leaves mark but once you got that you know you take some extended once you have that now you wanna highlight you need some which I my highlight I’m gonna have lighter weight green can’t cuz I want to get rid of that fucking get rid of the background you’re gonna have my key settings in which in this case I’m gonna box them all 7/7 and the reason why your how like to hear sevens is because of their dates um and this is not the only way that you can use this method as I always say you can use the date groups um or the route take some you get what I’m saying instead of seven you will be having your eight give up said you wouldn’t be high like the age you will be using your what is it is it 27 its 27 you will be highlighting knives you get what I’m saying even if you do not it’s still there even if you do 9 it’s still there 9 it’s still there so you can’t mix like my fact that’s what we gonna do I don’t want to confuse anybody just stick with me just stick with this video if I’m gonna be mom all right just stick with me just stick with me alright just stick with me up alright I’m a highlight the roots something that they do something or the root day somehow you want to look at it basically 10 and 17 right that’s 27 27 2 and 7 is what not right that’s how you get your date with some so you have like the 9 right here you have like the Nile right here you have like the nine right here see this is this is what all my advanced a lot of heads they already do this they already do this they know what I’m talking about but to you that did when I be like you can do it several different ways this is what I’m talking about and plus more let me erase this right here alright so we have announced in hell out of that sentence now you find what came out right 65 83 is what came up 60 I don’t know why I did that cuz now you got a marketer to get my head 65 to 83 he came 65 83 right look at it from here the crazy thing about this here’s 8 6 3 5 now look at that you see that 8 6 3 5 it’s connected to the 9 and is connected to the 7 but for this instance if you just use the date Bruce um look at the night it’s hitting that night and it’s hitting at night great hit now that 7 is using the date some of my traditional within traditional wait 6835 right then you go down here 1635 this 7 touching this 7 and it’s also touching that 9 that’s why when they hit the bucks off the night so you guys can see that as you can see I’m unboxing it off with purple but you can hopefully y’all got me 6 385 there and it’s touching next 7th at 7 a.m. x7 you get what I’m saying so this method right here this one now is working in Rhode Island I would definitely watch it I would definitely use it like I’m telling you it’s working because for this six to eight thirty five to hit this one setting right here then you have one two three sevens down here and they hit each egg hit every last one of them you have you bring is seven eleven six three eight seven there seven seven five and it’s hit you next seven you get them same six 385 actually pain actually came 65 65 83 that’s how I came 65 83 right now this is going draw the drop so he’s gonna try to draw hopefully I don’t think you guys you might not gonna get this but it if I see that the renderman is gonna take forever rhode island please have your bill on so you can see the notification in my community like when I push the status I’m gonna post my predictions or the prediction that you’re about to see right now so we’re gonna use black marker we’re gonna use now what came out after the 65 to 83 you got four four six six don’t want to do that don’t want to do is 65 83 teeth no that’s gonna take too long but fuck fuck fuck for say it for times sake anybody that’s there follow along with me that’s advance that’s Whitney every time I upload a video look if you didn’t role especially engineering rule on this is universal information this is worldwide information everybody can use this try it out but if you get in Rhode Island I would go from I would do instead of four to six five they’ll see me do that I got 65 83 right my next run down will be 65 to 83 they see how they got 44 66 right then I would use that that same pattern on 44 66 you get what I’m saying I’m not gonna be able to do that because I started with 40 to 65 to get 65 83 which today I don’t even know what today is today is 1113 its 11:30 in the morning 11:13 a. m. on it are Eastern Time so we’re gonna use the evening hit which games which is 4 4 6 6 we’re gonna use that number right there to possibly get because I know it’s coming from yes we’re gonna get we’re gonna get we’re gonna get the them I can’t do that see I’m under the if we’re gonna see this is the daytime I’m not gonna do that man I know it’s 11:13 now and right now y’all digna my has not came on for October 18 but it is today I told his team but if I do 44 66 that’s the number that I’m predicting that’s coming out for eighth time we just going to do it we’re gonna go to do it I didn’t realize that when I was looking at the numbers man we’re going to do it Man 1 8 8 7 is 5 5 7 is 2 2 1 7 is 9 9 2 7 2 6 6 & 7 is 3 20 1707 and then 4 all right make sure we’re not to not to not below that line right there 7 4 1 8 ok the same thing at 5 2 6 3 0 7 & 4 right 6 & 7 is 3 3 + 7 + zero seven four one eight five two nine nine 76 then we got three zero seven four one eight five two nine six now we’re using these 44 66 to come up with now just for just for just for this video sake because generally sometime my numbers hit like that anyway we looking for 10 18 daytime right that’s what we looking for right here but I’m also going to stretch it and say 10 18 nighttime right nighttime those are the numbers that we looking for that’s the number that I’m looking for now I’m gonna like what you do you how about you dig something the day something’s gonna be a purple the dates are for today is 8 right it’s gonna be 8 and tonight is gonna be 8 so we got these 2h right here these two weights right here these two inch down here right and that’s it so we got 4 eights and all right now right here just easily looking at this issues it’s crazy we’re not gonna do the date groups um if you’re administering in Rhode Island you you know how to do it you can do it on your own but for times sake we just gonna do the date someone just ate before October the 18th right now 44 66 and we’re going okay we’re gonna do the new two numbers from 44 66 doubles at night hit that was the night hit so from night Hank we got ten and ten was that 20 that’s 20 right so that hit something with 0z I don’t want to go too far and we’re gonna okay zero hit some zero hit some equals zero hit some equals that was what nighttime nighttime so for nighttime we’re looking for a zero here zero wait for nighttime and for daytime equals day it’s um the daytime Kang what 65 83 that’s one and one that’s two so we looking for we’re gonna use to hit some so we looking for hit some in a zero hit something for the daytime we looking for for the daytime just in for Tom and zero for the nighttime right so for daytime we’re gonna find a number that’s touching knees we’re going to find I nobody’s touching these two eights any two eggs to get both numbers you understand basically I’m trying to give you both predictions I’m gonna just bear with me all right so five five we’re going to write five five two zero could we do five five to zero let’s try to touch all of them because that’s generally how it works for 6 9 X 5 we can do 5 we can do 5 7 8 9 we can do 9 that’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna do 50 to 1 1 we’re gonna do 15 hopefully I’m not repeating y’all when I do this right here we’re gonna do 50 to 1 1 let’s get some of 9 right that can go with the night number 52 1 1 52 1 1 here my dear 92 77 is 92177 92178 the spot we just I’m just plugging in numbers I’m looking at numbers and I’m plugging them in we I’m gonna break it down 72 9 1 with that that’s 8 and 1 that’s 9 1927 1927 right that’s not that’s not and one more one more to go with that zero let’s move we got we got we got we make me that transparent will they give you 14 75 that’s 2 & 5 that’s 7 2 & 5 & 7 I don’t think they’re gonna be that transparent just in case they are because 14 when I say 14 SEC filings 5 + 2 14 seventy five right that’s fourteen two and 5.
7 we don’t write that but we also gonna write another number we go write a number right here um come on man come on come on come on come on cuz I know I hopefully my videos still going man if they oh my god okay okay I’m trying to get the number man two nine one one two five nine 100 1925 there we go 1925 1925 yeah that’s seven right now let’s make sure we still roll it before I explain it oh yeah we still rolling damn yeah 13 minutes yo yo y’all stay here with me man little bill with me look now these one two three four five numbers that I broke right here cuz you can look you can look me expect I like that nineteen that ninety nine eleven that equals zero if I’m not mistaken that can go right here for the hit something generally speaking I was just using the to hit something from the daytime because there are 65 eighty three equals two and then for the night time it was forty four sixty six which equals zero I was gonna use those but instead instead of that I used seven nine five nine and seven and I use nine because going down one on zero for the night time so for the night time we race we’re gonna race for the next time y’all see this right where we want rich decide which is this race inside so we have some more wrong all right so for the nighttime nighttime it equals zero right so you’re looking for zero you go up one you looking for one you go down when you looking for nine or you member what that means plus five or reflected five right so that’s that’s nighttime right nighttime that daytime we looking for as the main ones going up one is three going down one is one and then you mirror or reflect you have seven right so for this for this example just like I said we’re gonna use seven we’re gonna use seven and this is big time like date night and nighttime we’re gonna use what we have we have nine we have nine five seven wanna use five nine five seven that’s it right all right so for daytime so for today October 18th for today I am predicting nineteen twenty five boxes 19:25 then also 1475 1475 right David David Michael nighttime took that’s why I said the way this is I didn’t get my numbers right because I should have did the 65 83 to see how to get that 44 66 and then 144 66 then get the next number you get and what date time 1925 1475 remember to plug that in I gotta put it on my off in my status I’m gonna let rolled out a note but big time now night time numbers you’re gonna go with 52 1152 11 you make that five but about a 50 to 11 you’re gonna go with 90 to 77 right and you also want to go away 5 9 and then 1927 right 1927 1927 cuz you got to hit some of 9 whoop hopefully y’all see that 9 9 2 7 7 X 5 7 8 9 9 right these write these numbers right here I’m gonna be good for the night time and all of this I’m talking about 10 18 right 1018 right now 1080 a year for the next time perfect perfect so 1925 is 1925 what is that 7 7 2 & 5 & 7 right both these numbers are 7 so for the day time I’m taking 1925 in 1475 basically I got 5 predictions but y’all see how I came over that because these numbers are touching those 8 now what would be the date when something would be 0 right so 0 will be bigger some and 0 will be here so we could be 3 6 9 you know that’s probably three six nine two seven tool it will be five two nine five two nine six five two nine six five two nine six nine fifty 296 what’s fifty to ninety six fifty 296 how much does that add up to fifty to ninety six fifty to ninety six that could come out they can actually take that forty to sixty five that we had and mirror that for to a nine and that’s 7 and 5 that equals two so like I said man rolled out look out for this man everybody all stakes were wild man this is a long video but y’all just see me break it down y’all just see me break it out these are my Mariama key is up so I can actually post I’m a poster right after this video 19:25 1475 I’m talking box heads 52 1192 77 in 1927 hopefully I got that man hopefully it wasn’t too long hopefully y’all understood me man till next time in me more 20 look be yourself will be everybody else and I’m out peace you try it..

Radhika’s don’t die before the black one 7:45 performing the black bread niggas go die for not water control ah you what I mentioned blood red him man y’all look this is like my third take trying to do this because my pop filter fail and then like my mic got disconnected from the laptop and which this sound presented itself as if it did it didn’t pride that it did so oh my god I was all I was all the way through the video bro so now this is gonna be short sweet and it’s gonna I guess he’s gonna set his photos those random motherfuckers that come to my channel wanting information about how to hit the lottery and then they talk shit you feel me those motherfucking miserable people you don’t know yeah but you’re my faithful and my loyal subscribers to this lotto shit bro I have not forgot about you like at all like shoutout to do that commented on my last video bro shout out to him because bro I had this video coming today that was part of my plan to date I had the video coming but when I seen that coming I was like yo I’m on track I’m good I need to go ahead and push this video and get it out there so shout out the you shout out to all my faithful loyal subscribers with this lot oh shit bro getting into it as I said in my blares lot of video I told you guys I gotta fill out angles I fell out with the numbers but Virginia is shooting some shit bro like I done lost angles I lost a handle on the pic three might get a $40 hitter now and then with the big thriller $80 hit that’s nothing worth presenting to you guys and then in the same sentence I mean I told you guys I was gonna show you how to do anything any goddamn way but being that I missed all the December’s forecasts I’m bringing you guys this right here this right here would probably be much more valuable to you than the December forecast you can take this well your traditional one two three four work out so as you can see the hit right um get straight into it as you can see the 1912 that’s the hit that I’m using the one two three four now the traditional way one two three four you knew and you try a lottery or if you just turn 18 and you want to try this hit or whatever the case may be the traditional one two three four work out is usually like my pops do it his friends don’t like the older people this is what they do the end once they use one two three four is that rundown and then they use the hit 1912 previous hit whatever and then they just add column by column so one will be added to one two will be edited in nine and so forth three will be added to one and so forth will be edited two and so forth on and on like you see the presentation right here you see I was presented to you guys so that’s how they do it now with me in particular let me get the right thinking like I said it’s like a 36 let me get the right color with me you already know how I do it man all my my real lot of legs my subscribers that really bout this shit they really put that work in y’all know why that six is highlighted like on the paper and I’m about to highlight them now y’all know whether highlighted because on December the 24th that was the sun’s date ah that was the Sun date 6 12 and 24 you get 6 is your son’s date now what you may not know well some of you may know cuz I think I mentioned it in one of my other videos which you may not know some of you guys is why the three is circled the threes well all of them but one cuz I think I missed that three right there I don’t know why the fuck I didn’t but the threes a circle because 19 12 equals 3 so that sure hit some right you can do it like that you can actually circle you hit something I like that IV you know however you want to do it if you’re not running out of highlighting space or whatever Circle it box it off or whatever and it’s a good key for me like especially when I’m using a 1 2 3 for any method like the 1 2 3 4 method the 4 ones method the 462 for sevens the 64 12 it’s a lot of rundowns out there bro but duh hit some and it sons date right so I do one hold your long man I know y’all want me to show you what I do like if you looking at the UH looking at the presentation right now what you basically want to do you want to find like right here i’ma say what I did taking which I wish one another fucked up but yo like right here you usually got three sometimes you got three sometimes you got sometimes you got just one area this right here is classified as one area you see what that first six is that’s one area now right here in the middle is classified as the second area because you have so many sixes in like one bunch right now suppose I had a 6 down invited 6 down here somewhere that would be three areas that will that will give you more numbers to pull from sometimes will be easier cuz it be like doubles and you can you might have double fives here and you may have double fives here just like now using everything you may have double fives and so it may make it easy if you do have three sections to section off but more than likely you may just end up with two just like this right here the video right now and basically with the sections you section them off so like right here I might just go straight into it I have nine one four highlighted nine one four zero highlighted and then let me let me lower this other sides of this brush so we beat so we’d be popping alright that’s about right all right and then we have right here we have highlighted nine one zero four you know why I highlighted all my real subscribers like my real lot of subscribers like I don’t know why I highlighted it because the one no nine to four the zero is touching that six now you may not see that it’s also touching that three that’s why I highlighted that’s why I got it the way I wanted it because when you go down here you also have the one nine zero tension x6 and it’s also the one in the nine that’s also touching that guy damn three you feel me so when I see I said okay 19:04 oh then I go right head up top and I see nine one four zero oh and then if you want to look at it again you go one nine four zero and I’m like yo that’s crazy so we gotta play that number you should’ve said we gotta play whether it’s a 50 cent or whatever so when I seen it I was like yo I’m gonna play that bitch 50 cent you want to know why because right up here boom go up here up top and y’all never mind that that old tight shit cuz like that don’t come from young mind like motherfuckers been saying that shit just since I got a little smartass did you know the main system shit motherfuckers been doing that like motherfuckers be clowning out here man but look 3 and 4 will be clowning man she didn’t shit into serious forever especially her and whatever look excuse me from right here 87 25 I was the previous hit we’re gonna flip back over to the Virginia Lottery the previous hit was 87 25 you already know the solution to this video the conclusion of the video excuse me 87 25 8 and 7 is 5 7 & 2 & 7 & 5 goddamnit excuse me 8 & 7 is 5 2 & 5 is 7 7 & 5 is 2 you hear me so that hints by that’s 2 and we have to equal 3 now 87 25 equal 1912 which 1912 equals 3/2 equals 3 so by default 3 gonna equal 4 all right that’s what that’s what really sold me on the 1940 all right now also I’m gonna go ahead and let you guys know much go down these imma show you guys my pet numbers and I’m also gonna show you guys let me use blue light blue this 77 this number right here 796 if you’re a real autoplay you know that’s the dead man you know that’s the dead that’s playing the dead right there so 79 62 dead 7 9 6 came out I think it was like a day before a Christmas Eve I’m not mistaken may have been earlier than that but it came out and picked 3 so I just added a two to it alright I just added a to tool because the 79 six equals two plus two equals four yeah yeah that’s how you do it man I’m telling you that’s how you do it that’s that’s that’s not a pet number of my don’t play that fucking a lot of people play that fucking number every fucking day bro seven nine six they play every fucking day not I you hear me pet number this is this is my pet number looking at seven thousand seven it neatly come on bring his ass like it do it really do I haven’t dropped into jr.yet ah and hence why I played it seven seven zero zero exact and I play zero seven and seven zero exact because I was looking for to come odd odd even even and even odd odd even same thing for the seven nine six two and the six nine seven two now over here these are my pet numbers that’s my grandmother’s year that’s my mother’s year they both equal for you with me yeah so the 679 to right here that’s that’s just any order you know the mean just in case these what I always do that if I play these right here these 50 cent is $2,500 $2,500 so this right here’s 100 island so if you don’t come neither one of those ways at least got that hundred dollar hit it’s a six way number then two three four five I have no clue I played that number two three four five let me see five and nine that’s four cuz it equal four now I also had that 5500 over there but I didn’t play that 5504 um why did not play that 5504 I didn’t play all the ones that I played I circled using them saying I circled them so I always narrow this shit down I always narrow it down though but um as you can see right hand in the corner that was the only one I was playing for 50/50 so it was that one two three four five as five dollars bro five dollars just off the fifty cents and then that six dollars right there I tend to play uh in the digits of like my own my alignment I was born December the third so my life path number is like a 33 or six so I might play $6 four numbers or maybe three dollars word for them you get what I’m saying like that was a sidebar but that shit is like yeah that shit is real like get in tune with the universe motherfuckers but look for 109 man that’s how I play do 40 109 by the fact let’s change that color man cut his videos coming to an end man I hope y’all enjoy the man leading questions cuz I ain’t gonna ain’t went nowhere bro I just said I wasn’t gonna do these type of videos no more cuz I get a lot of hate a lot of backlash for nothing like you come on my channel one in the fucking school you feel me then you talk shit when you get this school hitting it’s emotion he’s still talking shit so I played it for the 109 man we’re gonna go to the layer so I can show you guys 40 109 5050 so I got that sumbitch on on Christmas Eve $400 you feel me like I had a forty one on them cuz like I said I don’t even know why the fuck I played it for the 109 cuz it came 9410 if I’m not mistaken let me see uh yup she came 9410 either way didn’t come the way I wanted it to because game odd even odd even he’s gonna say didn’t come how I wanted it come so I mean but at the end of the day man that’s a great way to look at your one two three four work out any rundown for that matter but any let me zoom out of this right any rundown bro oh wow oh no no no no No yo great way to look at to you one yo you run down menu for ones your for seven yeah for 60s your 6412 your are 3175 because like I haven’t even looked at that in a minute I need to look at that but hopefully I hit the night man cuz the night that um words I said in the month and then last at 57 38 right there where the cursor is right there next to 5730 I got a feeling that’s coming out 12:27 evening in Virginia I got a feeling that’s coming out but if you don’t know well but yeah man um and also just before I leave you guys like right here look at these right here man look at this right here another reason why I played that seven thousand seven seven zero zero seven you see how they shit is connected that’s why I played it usually that’s a pet number right there and there there’s my mother year 1968 up I wanna do that one wanna talk it out but you see it 1968 right there right there’s 19 22 you said all my pet numbers was there like they just didn’t hit cuz they hot like those fucking numbers man a lot of people play those type of numbers she said I’m saying a lot of people were born in 60 older folks was born in 1922 and then a lot of people that lost their their mother like their mother was probably born in 1922 or that grandmother you shut up so those numbers I type a high in Virginia then not to mention that the damn number was nineteen twelve then you go up one on that one is 1922 so you know you scratching a little bit but yo I hope y’all enjoyed this video man like I said man I did I did get $100 off her and I’m bringing you guys this video because I have not forgot about you guys but like I said I just didn’t know what to bring you guys I’ve hit but should I show you you should I’m saying should I take the time out to show them this he’s gonna do when I know that I’m giving you monthly forecasters and I hope you guys been hitting on forecasters to mankind a lot of people come and they say they’ve been hitting one person they hit like four times in a week or some shit four times in a month with some shit man so I ain’t went nowhere bro I’m still out here man I’m still out here showing you guys giving you guys but I know like it tooks you know to me shout out the uh oh my god she gonna kill me bro um might affect my phone right here fuckin shit my phone right here broke my phone fucked up my phone is right here bro shout out mama shout out cuz like she I know she can look at the video and then she don’t she don’t me whatever but she gonna watch me she either heard cuz she was like fucker about it dela do that love dolla yo shut out nervous shudder cuz like we had a we had a crazy ass discussion but yo y’all know imma bring y’all this information man when I get it how I get it if y’all loving this shit man I will continue to work out strategies and show you guys different ways to manipulate this shit is gambling shit man but like I told you man that house always wins bro always win so I might be showing you this now and then next week you might you might fuck around hit about 200 out of $4 eight hundred dollars whatever kid maybe you might even get an exact hit but don’t paint this fucking shit ain’t gonna get PACs as we say the goddamn a video game community man ain’t gonna patch the fuck out of this shit they’re gonna catch on to it they’re gonna see my channel motherfucker motherfucker stuff they don’t watch your channel bruh I’m not the only China they watching bro you best believe in watching my motherfucking China do you hear me fuck is wrong with y’all man y’all fucking ignant y’all ignant y’all on that note man everybody be blessed man if you ever subscribed to my channel bro I’m telling you I bring that goddamn dreadlock that dread dread it boy we dread it out here every fucking wrong with child and we dread it out here man there’s no offense to my to my weed wearing hotties and not another shit but look uh we came in over here with gaming you hear me we’ve been we doing musically I can’t say for shit we doing musically man the channel is bumping yeah I got a mannequin challenge that I want to bring you guys not me but it’s my brother and I’m telling you y’all gonna love that fucking video bro y’all gonna love it it ain’t even you it’s not your normal mannequin challenge it’s not bro it’s not that shit is gonna be lit so stay tuned to that and I know a lot of if you if you left my fucking channel off this and then you actually came back to the channel cuz you wanted to see how I redid the thing and you left cuz I’m talking now bitch don’t come back to my channel no goddamn oh you hear me we only do that lawyers shit over here but I’ll owe you tears I’m fucking my sprout but yo til next time man be blessed man this your boy dread and I’m out this bitch huh. .

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