How To Win Pick 4 Lottery – 9672 Lotto Strategy Method!! Video

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Try the 9672 lottery strategy for Pick 4 lottery games. Use hot numbers, cold numbers, and overdue numbers to increase your chances winning the lotto with this lottery strategy.

hey everyone today I’m going to show you a new pic for strategy be sure to subscribe this strategy utilizes the previous day’s draw so for this example I’m using Virginia’s midday draw from September 4th there hit that day was 9 6 7 2 and this uses a plus minus for each column so I’ve set up the plus minus plus minus and you simply go down four digits so for the nine you add it like this would be 10 11 12 13 you’re just dropping the first digit 6 you subtract so 5 4 3 2 7 you’re adding 8 9 10 11 and then from the two we subtract 1 0 9 8 so once you have those numbers set up it’s just like a rundown where you’re gonna look for any four numbers that are touching as numbers to potentially play and if you wanted to compare this with the hot numbers or another strategy you can do that or you can simply use this by itself so the following week two days later the hit was 0 8 9 9 on September 6 and here you see 0 8 9 9 that way or 0 8 9 9 this way on the 7th that was 2 8 5 0 here you’ve got two eight five zero and on the night that was two six eight zero two eight six zeroes right there so go back and look at your state’s history so you can see if this is a good strategy for your state and like I said you can either use it alone or pair it with another strategy but be sure to subscribe thanks for watching and good luck.


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