How To Win Pick 3 Using The Tic Tac Toe Strategy!! Video

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Multiple ways to win Pick 3 with the Tic Tac Toe method!!.

hey everyone today I’m going to show you a couple different ways that you can use tic tac toe grids for the pick three games please be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already so there are quite a few different ways that you can use tic tac toe currents in the pick three games and even pick four I’m going to show you just two of them in this video so that’s not overwhelming and you can kind of try both out in your state and see which is working better but this example is from Kentucky’s midday on October 8th they’re winning draw was 9 v 2 and the first way I’m going to show you uses the mirror numbers of the last three draws so I’ve got the draws from the last three days in Kentucky here and I’ve got my mirror number set up here in case you’re not familiar with those so with the mirror number of 9 5 2 would be 4 0 7 just looking over here and then 7 4 4 would be 2 9 9 and 1 7 3 would be 6 2 8 and you just fill that in that way and then once you’ve got your grid filled in you’re simply going to look for combinations across down diagonal so you can have four zero seven two nine nine six two eight four two six zero nine two seven nine eight six nine seven and four nine eight so if this is a lot of numbers so if you don’t play that many times during the week you could certainly narrow that down or compare it to the hot numbers but this gives you a good set of numbers to play all week if you’re looking for that also you could use this with the three one seven run down and compare if any of these combinations of numbers are showing up in the three one seven the other option you have with the tic tac toe is to utilize hot numbers so you still use the previous days draw so we’ll use the nine five two from October 10th in Kentucky so you put that in diagonally nine five two and then I’ve got the Kentucky hot numbers listed here you just fill those into your grid so that’s six eight zero one three nine and then it’d be the same thing you’d go across down diagonal to get your combinations nine six eight zero five one three nine two and then down nine zero three six five nine eight one two and then you wouldn’t go this way since that’s the previous draw but you can go the other way that’d be three five eight so that gives you a whole week’s worth of numbers and like I said you can compare it with hot numbers or with one of the run downs if you want to narrow down not play so many numbers but be sure to subscribe thanks for watching and good luck.


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