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Lotto Strategies


if winning the lottery has always been your dream you need to buy a ticket before you do it’s a good idea to know how to play as this will make the whole process that much more enjoyable for starters you’ll need to decide which lottery you want to enter the internet has made it so much easier to buy lotto tickets online and you can choose from national and international draws at your convenience whether it’s just your local lotto or the euromillions Powerball draw or Viking lotto winning big could be just a few numbers away buying a ticket is easy and you’ll have to choose a set of numbers and possibly a bonus number or two you can choose your own lucky numbers or you can opt for a quick pick ticket where numbers are pre selected for you once you’ve bought your ticket you’ll need to wait for the draw which depending on the type of lotto played takes place once or twice a week on a certain day at a specific time during the draw a set of numbers is selected at random and if all of these match the numbers on your ticket you’ll win the lottery jackpot you don’t need to match every number to be a winner either some lot hosts pay out prizes for as little as 2 matching numbers at a time playing the lotto couldn’t be easier and you can buy more than one ticket per draw in an effort to increase your winning chances.


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