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Georgia lottery cash 3 workout/strategy
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what’s good is good everybody I’m going to show you guys Georgia cash 3 take that toe he tries in your state it works pretty good in Georgia so twelve six midday George got six one one right six one one then you count up one two three four five six seven and we do is we call a mirror 26:27 here’s 849 are you doing this add five so six is a one right there one right here one is the six one is the six count up 7 8 9 10 11 12 that evening shows you got five one one straight Chuck I want one nothing for you guys so today’s date is the the 12th I’m gonna do one from yesterday 1211 midday droid you got five six four two Tac Toe five six four count up five six seven eight 10:05 it’s zero six is a 1/4 is a nine count up ten 11 12 13 14 15 that evening George got 1 to 4 there you go not too full for real simple man so on my Georgia please my choice a lot of players you can eat off this little system man kind of working good see if I can slide in this little section do one more 25 12500 is you got 169 count up 10 11 12 13 14 15 one is the six six is the 109 is a four count up five six seven eight nine ten that evening George you got three six nine this was December the fifth three six nine straight shot right now straight to so for you just no time guys help and work for you like I said you just use your mirror add five to each one my name is Antonio Simpson find me on Facebook I just started my own group called blessing others giorgia pottery group on Facebook so you can subscribe I’m doing a lot of videos man got something coming up for the fantasy fire so I subscribe I’m trying to eat man Christmas coming up.


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