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This strategy could increase your chances in winning the digit lottery and ALL OTHER LOTTERY GAMES and can be uses in all LOTTERY GAMES ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. . . . .

good day everyone welcome to the freedom 25 lotto strategy this is my first video here in Richard and I created this account just to share to each and every one of you here that I have discovered a strategy of that could increase your chances of winning the feed digit library and all other lottery games and can also be used in all lottery games anywhere in the world first I would like to request you guys out there to please subscribe here in my account in in order for you to understand the concept which I’m going to share the freedom 25 lot of our strategy know before anything else I would like to present to you this strategy is a very very lengthy it’s a very long presentation that’s why I have decided to present to you the strategy step by step know my next video would then this B would then discuss the classifications of number combinations that’s the first part of the video second is the averaging of previous draw results and third is using 85 fast draw results for predictions and projections for the next 15 draws okay the first part would be the identifying the missing indicator the fifth is how to make the so called directional chart 7.15 and of course the last the final is how to make the combination generator now as I mentioned earlier the this concept of this strategy which I have discovered few months ago can actually be used in all local games and of course anywhere in the world now I will be showing to you the what I call the combination generator okay this is an example of a computer generator okay this is for today December 17 2016 okay under the combination generator we have your declassification of numbers we can classify numbers this is for depict oh by the way as I told you this is all gate we can apply this to all lottery games and for example today this is for big now L stands for low numbers low numbers are from numbers 0 1 to 10 M stands for mid or middle numbers that from us 11 to 20 and top numbers distance for top which refers to numbers 21 to 31 so for this this indicator we have low low middle middle tab and middle low numbers another indicator is that our combinations that will be generated should should be both ads okay and the other one is one should we add and one for the invalid so I was able I was able to generate these combinations for today’s draws okay and I was able to filter it and I have chosen five five combinations which I will be playing for today’s draw for the pick okay these are the numbers or combinations 13:26 17 27 0 9 0 1 20 21 and 0 4 0 9 0 4 now as I said again since this is a strategy that can be used in all other games I also have here a combination generator for big three I think for big three low numbers would refer to number zero one two middle numbers of three four five and six and the top numbers are seven eight and nine again the indicators for business draw is middle Taplow middle middle middle middle middle and touch are low and another indicator here says we have to choose combinations were input to our ads and one event all different example still five eight and Bobo sweet adds one two three adds one even or three three for example and again these are the numbers that were actually generated through my combination generator and I have decided to play these four combinations for today’s throws this is four five five four three five five three five and five six five five six again please do subscribe here in my account in in order for you to understand the concept of the freedom a lot of freedom 25 a lot of strategy again I cannot make the presentation in just one video that’s why I had decided to put my presentation like parts for the next few days I will be presenting to you step by step of the concept of freedom unified lot of strategy we have six parts and at the end of the presentation you will know and concept and internalize the cancer of freedom Francis not the strategy again is you subscribe make sure to subscribe here in my future for you to be updated every Monday thank you and. .

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