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Detail explanation of a very popular strategy for winning the Florida Fantasy 5 Jackpot.

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hello everyone okay first I’m going to start by asking that you subscribe to my channel as I will be giving you more detailed information on strategies for other games as well as fantasy 5 as I learned to improve my strategy so I’m just going to get right down to it okay this strategy is a strategy that I learned from someone however I’m going to explain it to you a little better than the way that it would if it was explained to me this is the Florida fantasy 5 strategy so you have these two boxes right here okay and I hope that you can see this well with these two boxes I have the winning numbers for March the 25th 2017 those winning numbers are 3 5 7 8 and 12 ok so the winning numbers that I’m trying to get are from March 2 26 2017 those winning numbers are 1 3 7 23 and 27 ok so the first thing that you’re going to do is you already know that you’re trying to get the winning numbers for the 26 so you would take the month and you will take the day and you will add the month and the day together which is right here 3 plus 26 is 29 so you’re going to use the date 26 and then that some of the months and a day 29 as your reference numbers in both these boxes sometimes the box won’t have any of the reference numbers but the one box but one box will sometimes you will have both boxes with references for the winning numbers okay so in the first box before all of these were filled in what you do is you take the what the previous winning number from the 25th and you go diagonally from the left top all the way to the right bottom three five seven eight and twelve okay then in this box I added one to each number so you got you start with the twelve the left I’m sorry the right bottom twelve and you go from here to your left all the way and this is a clockwise okay so you’re going to go 13 you got 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 and 32 all your going to start here and go all the way around until you have filled in every box okay this box I subtracted one that’s when I added one and I subtracted one here so you got 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 and for the fantasy 5 has 36 numbers so when I reach the one I go to the very last number in fantasy 5 which is 36 35 34 33 32 31 30 29 and 28 to fill in this box as well until every box is come is filled in ok so please remember our our reference numbers 26 and 29 you go to each box and you locate the those numbers this one you got the 29 here the 26 here this one you got the 29 okay so let’s take it one box at a time and I’m going to show you how you got the one two three two seven twenty three and the 27 typically you’re going to find your numbers that are going to be around or close to the 29 or your reference image I’m going to show you just how true that is but sometimes your numbers won’t be next to those numbers sometimes your numbers will be within the column that the numbers are in so in this case twenty three which was one of the numbers was in the column as well as the 27 of one of the reference numbers so what I what I did is I chose 26 of the 12 26 25 24 23 the 8th the 7 27 to 28 and the 17 as well as the 13 the 32 okay because these are next to this number however these numbers none of them were in this number but this one was and as well as this one however you’ll see the 29 right here on with this 29 I would take this column as well as that column but I would definitely take the 18 to 17 to 27 I’m sorry it’s 18 to 17 to 28 27 735 and 19 and 29 as my numbers and these are a lot of numbers but because of the amount that you could win it’s worth taking all of these numbers and getting your combinations using all of these numbers you’ll play a lot of numbers but compared to from what you spend compared to what you will win it’s definitely worth it but notice here you got the 29 and where are your winning numbers the seven right here next to that 29 and that 27 so that 27 could have come from that row or it definitely could have just come from right here where this reference number of twenty nine is 27 being a winning number seven being a winning number over here in this box you got the 29 but look at what you also have you got the winning number of one see that winning number right there one you got the winning number of three right here and then wanting number of seven right there reference number from one okay seven okay and then the three so of course you’re playing all of these numbers a gamble yes but you’re going to win it as well as these numbers and these numbers okay so I hope I have explained that very clear to you I’ll clear enough for you to understand again subscribe to my channel because I will be putting up more videos giving you very clear instructions for strategies for winning the lottery and I will start studying other states as well I’m in Florida so I’m starting with Florida because those are the numbers that I am trying to learn okay I hope this helps you and you have a great morning afternoon evening night whichever place that it comes to you as.


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