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“Do Award Winning Commercials Sell?” by Donald Gunn.
Donald Gunn #2 – 86.5% of 400 most awarded commercials and campaigns in the world were associated with marketplace success.
2 of 2 Donald Gunn, The Gunn Report

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I get us reference the do award winning commercial sell study and this is a piece of research that I was the young impetuous volunteer who first of all conceived of product per project and then counted out back at Derryl in the 1990s that was based on gather in the case histories for the 400 most important emotions and campaigns who were that four year period and there were foreign commercial campaigns coming from other later six agencies in 28 different countries done being a belieber the Bobbsey defining universes month again in the case histories was much hard work but we did succeed because we promised the agencies that is a precision participated I garrison case history and they were full cup with a report to use it with their appliance insanely work I was in labor so I thought we can add a good result but even I was kind of blown over by the scale of the topic actually 346 + 86 five percent of the most awarded commercials and campaigns in that four year period were associated with marketplace success in that the girls the praetor terminals are applied had been achieved or surpassed now this for swinging generalized actual but um is what I’ve got away with being so far which is if you look at a given for a category in a given market and we’re giving period of time intensively happening is there’s not one third of the brands are going up but one third are going on and one that are holy well a six by blackstone is over two and a half times better than third frequency which messages that watch judges and our clients customers that doesn’t mean come in the way that the rear chrome test however you know 1992 dynamics of 96 that’s a long time ago the most admired had awarded had applauded and talk about campaigns of our own day and age are they working for the client in the marketplace or a lot you remember this one last year in a Super Bowl the tour he staying commercial this was voted number one out of the circle of last year they had an amazing and consumer engagement campaign at my tokus tank are over 300,000 people they up their own tourists a new brushes and sales were up in that first quarter by in twenty seven percent sony bravia tv member rolls and pain doh this took a sony bravia to brag leadership for TV sets in the UK and in terms of awareness and now LCD tvs there there was a double the second most famous brat in 49 markets for certainly in Europe which is the UK France Russia and Italy we told about them what were sacrificed another load over freaked out last year the boys were instructed to tell the customers at the corporate overlords has stricken the whopper from the menu and then it all filled cameras and will this cover niggas no recall in ministry of home of I AG research that metrics grown in all the time that living monitoring like 3. 3 views of this different video of people reacting and freaking out and sales were up versus a year ago by 4. 5 setting which in the fast boot camp category in this country is a lot like this is emotion would commercial for literally some of you may have seen some stage it’s for the ariston across this washing machine and you open all sucks and bras insurance willing around then you will that chosen so much opportunity big focus of English machine also rumors say sales up thirty percent in the earlier period and despite objectives and premium price Timoney main competitors became the biggest selling washing machine in Italy this is also from this for Thailand and it’s probably their most important campaign in which accuses the beauty counselor for smoothie phone and in this case of poor beautiful nice warm based sales run hundred and fifty three percent a month after launch they make in their big for a quarter million gift sets which with a product plus the commercials are DVD and these solar in two weeks honda remember Todd and go and do impossible green campaign is driven ridiculous levels of Brando preference because now 30 more percent of murders in the UK of combination campaign say that they would consider armed as Alex car and half again from India there isn’t one commercial on many love averaged years and it can also more social prophetic lonavala how to build a bit more naturally to currently outside we saw this print and then this is a very important because it’s a big campaign it was hailed by many as the first major world plus campaign done in China by a Chinese agency full change market and the brightest own 10 month long conversation with one punch wriggle in Chinese it again in december two thousand seven and under eve of the games themselves mr. her employer was the chairman of metadesk and after that added asked him who were taking nike previous nearby farm to become the number one brand in china and okay we saw the bathroom commercial canal+ value and are places that movies in maybe be seen not to hear hit the plot from your friend international so there’s another one which is the march of emperors that penguin tanaka feelings okay they do at ens research with the muses progress and asked a simple question why are you subscribe in history ever few reasons given movies and sport suddenly this campaign came along and ten percent said well who like the advertiser that’s why they signed on yearly clock uniqlo buena park yeah i’m sure you’ve seen it on your own on your computers instead of a clock they have five minute segments in which models wearing tighter clothes act out and dance at the time this is had like eight sixteen million views and 209 cumbersome anything is that many things accomplished when this japanese pleasure a breeze known as an english alia bhatt people rather uniflow is coming cabras grown up cabras daryl is the market leader factory in the UK by far sales of 160 million pounds a year but for 10 years or more sales in the amount of plateau actually defining gorilla catalog and settlement up nine percent in 12 weeks with severe as a lot of chocolate and this is one web programmers have done by leo burnett and sydney we started off in one city Sydney it was for World Wildlife Fund birth Arbor and the business residents were persuaded to terminal I saw instantly for one hour and in one year it grew from one city to six customers 400 cities and roughly 50 million people taking part and so you know we’ve been looking at beer and cars and global environment campaigns and Thailand Christmas cosmetics and TV sets and TV channels these are not little niche categories more shops around the corner here we’re seeing dynamite very work building dynamite visit results for her big budget lucha dragons and basically you know con advertising has got a modern equalities which means with is going to be entertaining and likeable to admire this is more likely to two and a half times more likely to be precise two bill Scherrer minus mother sharon market and produce sales for the american idiot present at the same time as in turn creates reputation for the long haul and I would say Vanessa go is finally working said thank you.


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