Detailed Pick 3 Rundowns!!! Lotto Pick 3/Cash 3 Strategy Method Breakdown! Video

Lotto Strategies

Learn lotto strategies and method with this simple pick 3 rundown methods. Use these rundowns to increase your odds of winning Pick 3!!!

hey everyone today I’m going to show you a combination of to pick three strategies you can combine to get good numbers for the coming week please remember to subscribe I’m gonna use examples from South Carolina and Tennessee but as always you can use this in your state I’m using the 693 rundown and the 3 1 7 if in your state the 1 2 3 rundown is working better or a different one feel free to substitute that in just go with whatever is working best in your state so for the first example its South Carolina’s evening draw on November 27th that draw was 955 so I’ve set that up under each of the run downs and highlighted the eights for the dates um the 9s for the hits um and then when you have the two rundowns next to each other you can look to see which numbers are showing up next to your highlighted numbers in both run downs so you can kind of detect patterns so for example I have 9 0 3 here as a good option to play and you see 9:03 here a couple different ways and it’s over here multiple ways as well so that’s why that’s on my list also 5 1 8 you’ve got the five eight one right here you’ve also got it over here and it’s over here multiple ways I won’t go through all of them but that’s what you’re looking for you want to look for repeating numbers and both rundowns around your highlighted or circle numbers so that’s South Carolina for Tennessee those same two rundowns are working well so I did the same there again date is the same 27th there draw was 5 6 7 so I set that up under each rundown in this case the hit some and the date some were the same both were eight so that’s why the 8 is the only number highlighted and then down here I’ve got the numbers that I’m seeing in both places that I think would be good to play so let me know if you have questions remember to subscribe and thanks for watching.


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