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sir scratch a lot back with the part one of the daily three strategy I’m gonna show you how to get this daily three money the most anticipated daily through strategy out there I’m gonna show you guys with my broken laptop screen how to get this money you know I’m just playing but I’m gonna show you I’m gonna show you but I’m going to show you on my TV screen how to get this money so back in November 14 2015 I created a Excel spreadsheet from scratch just basically tracking all these numbers from how they came out I haven’t organized from 0 to 9 it all depends on how they come out so like zeros are a year from zero seven eight zero one two it just all organized depending on what the first number is and basically anybody could create this you could even go to the CA Lottery website and create your own from all the histories I think they only give you like three months back but you could create that it was just gonna take you some time I don’t sell my strategy so I mean I don’t have this for sale I’m not trying to sell you guys anything I’m just showing you guys how you could create your own basically this is just some tabs that I had right here of stuff that I used to do new is second notice their notice fourth notes I don’t do that no more basically I was tracking which one was the newest number that came out second noise I have something else to track that but they’ll probably be on the part two or three or four or five unit of the strategy because this is gonna be a long one well you guys want this daily three money so you guys better keep in tune and you know let me show you real quick this is the repeat numbers so if you see any of these numbers that are white they have yet to repeat so they just do a quick sample six for seven has repeated at least once as I believe 764 so you can see that you know same number just different order let’s do a three peat number let’s see right here 474 has come out like four four seven and probably seven four four so there you go I mean same number just different order those yellow numbers they’ve been repeated four times those are hot numbers the orange numbers they’re hot you know those are numbers that have repeated five times and the red orange that six times so those are super hot and I believe with one of the hot numbers I wanted a a 5 4 that’s what I had on my daily three today and it actually came out like 584 but before that I came out like eight five four four five eight four five 84 85 so yeah man just keep a lookout for those numbers those are hot numbers I have a couple numbers very on the side that I’m looking now for you know I don’t know when they’re gonna come up but you know I just keep a lookout on some of these numbers because I like the numbers how they are I like this somewhere really you know that one’s gonna come up but because I think it’s come up six times so yeah it’s bound to come up another seventh time but yeah this is just a track record of that time from back in November I’ve been playing for five months but before that I had kept track of it just because a couple people you know told me that they’ve won thousands playing daily three and I mean I’ve won hundreds playing scratches but not a thousand so I really caught my attention so yeah matter that that’s about it I mean you can see which numbers are the good numbers eight have come out more than anything yet so forth and sixes are close you know whatever you want to play man it’s it’s all there but if you want to keep a track of all these numbers you got to do it I mean I’m not selling this to you guys so you guys are just have to do this on your own but I’m showing you guys how to do it you know you just got a color code stuff just to make it look easier for you you know cuz you’re gonna be looking out for numbers and because this is a couple of tabs right here that they’ll be on the part two of the video just so I can show you guys later and then I have also a number trends that’s another program that I that I created from the Excel spreadsheet from yeah man like sham subscriber you want to see that part tool there’s a daily three strategy you know and also share man cuz you guys wanna want to share this with your peoples and you know you want to share the wealth so keep in tune and let’s keep on winning this daily three money so scratch that.


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