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Use these 2 strategies to get winning numbers in your state! Examples using Ontario and NJ numbers!!.

hey everyone today I’m going to show you a combination of two different strategies you can use to get good winning numbers please remember to subscribe I’m using the example from Ontario I had a request and I was backtracking and this combination of these two strategies seems to be working well there so I’m using that example but I’m also going to show you New Jersey’s numbers so this is the plus/minus and mi.R number strategy if you have not seen my original video on this you might want to go back and look at that just because it’ll go into a little more detail but the example I’m doing is from Ontario’s pic 3 from November 5th 2017 their draw was 937 so you set that up in three columns so you’ve got the plus the minus and then this is the mere number put the M for me R so the first one you’re just adding one all the way down four rows the second column you’re just subtracting one from each column down four rows and then over here you’re using this number and this number so I’ve got 371 you put that under your original draw and then five nine three and then you simply take the mere number of each of these so the mere number of 937 is for a two mere of 371 is eight two six and so on so once you have that you’re really just looking at these numbers as your potential numbers to play in the coming week so five days later from this date on the tenth 371 hit and you see 371 right here and then I also set up a one two three run down with the 937 from that November fifth hit and here is one seven three in your run down and the dates on would have been six so the six is right here next to the one seven three so that just shows you how you can combine a couple different strategies to really narrow down what might be a good number to play if you don’t want to play a bunch of numbers so I went ahead and did Ontario’s numbers for this coming week as well and this is from their midday draw on the 13th it was two six one so again I set up the three columns this is your plus or minus in your mirror and then I did the one two three run down so the dates on would be four since you’re adding the the eleven and thirteen so we’re going to circle our fours and then you’re really just gonna look for the any of these numbers and your run down and the ones that I’m seeing are right here the eight to seven the 372 and the 605 so you don’t have to play all those but you can kind of pick and choose just for an example here we’ve got the eight to seven and eight seven to is right here and between the fours the three seven two is right here and then the 605 you’ve got C six five zero right there so if you’re looking for suggestions those might be good ones to employ in Ontario now the new jersey numbers i’ve got an example from the fifth there as well there draw was 3 0 7 and then the hit on the 10th five days later again was four seven one and right here you’ve got seven four one and i also did the three one seven run down with that same draw of 307 and you can see the four seven one is here four seven one there you got four seven one there so that would have been a good indication that that would hit so i went ahead and did new jersey’s numbers for this coming week now they last evening had the draw of three nine eight so i did the plus minus in the mirror so you’re looking at these numbers to find in your rundown and then I’ve got some suggested numbers here at the bottom now one thing I would keep in mind with both these on examples from Ontario and New Jersey the draw was hitting about five days out so you may want to wait a few days before you start playing these numbers just a suggestion but let me know if you have questions I know this one is a little more confusing but good luck remember to subscribe and thanks for watching. .

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