Combine Strategies To Win Pick 3!! Video

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Combine a rundown and the tic tac toe strategy to get winning numbers. Example using Louisiana numbers!

hey everyone today I’m doing a pic 3 strategy where you combine a rundown plus tic tac toe grid please remember to subscribe I’m using louisiana’s numbers because I had requests for that state but as always you can use this anywhere just use your own state’s numbers so I’m gonna start with a 1 2 3 run down and this is from there draw of 11 7 that was yesterday November 7th there draw with 0 to 6 and I did the 1 2 3 run down only because as I was backtracking that one seemed to be working best in Louisiana but if there’s a different run down working well in your state go ahead and use that so I highlighted the 8th for the dates um and hit some in this case it’s the same number so that’s why the eights are the only number highlighted so once you’ve got your run down we’re gonna come over here and I’ve listed the hot numbers for Louisiana right now and then in our tic tac toe grid if you’ve seen some of the other videos you know there are a lot of different ways to use the tic tac toe grid in this case I’m going to put the previous draw in diagonally so that will be 0 to 6 and one thing you can keep in mind in Louisiana oftentimes the previous draw has one or more number that will show up in the next night in the next draw so that’s why I’m using the number as it is but in your state if it’s more random and the previous draw doesn’t necessarily have any numbers that are going to show up in the next draw you can use the mirror number so in this case if I would do that then I would put in 5 7 1 because those would be the mirror numbers of 0 to 6 just something to keep in mind when you’re looking at your own States numbers but once you have that number in diagonally you’re just going to fill it in with the hot number so we’ve got 3 1 6 5 2 and I’ll repeat the 3 because I only have 5 numbers here and I’m just got 6 spaces to fill in so once your grid is filled in you’re not necessarily just gonna look at diagonal horizontal vertical you’re looking at any combination of three numbers touching so it could be like six 33 year 6 32 0 to 1 any numbers that are touching like that and then you’re just gonna compare it to what’s in your rundown so at the bottom here I have some numbers that I think would be good I’ve got one two five about one to five here and here we’ve got the five to one showing up in the rundown also I’ve got six two three and six to eight because 63 is showing up multiple times here and over here we’ve got six to three that way and we’ve got six to eight six to eight that way six to three down here the thing about this one is you know three and eight or mere number so it could show up as either of those so that’s why I’m including bowls if you only want to pick one and play one that’s fine but I just wanted to point that out but in that case since that’s showing up multiple times multiple ways it could show up as a six to three or it could show up as a six to eight and then lastly I’ve got the three five six here we’ve got three five six there and again 365 over here so I think that might be worth playing as well so let me know if you have questions remember to subscribe and thanks for watching.


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