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Our updated chance to win the lottery guide. Remember that a winning lottery strategy is about finding an edge not magically predicting the next draws numbers. It’s all about the math.

You are not going to win the lottery. But winning the lottery is not the point of the lottery. As much as I love the statistics behind the lottery, it is all a distraction. And with the changes to be made in October by Camelot (who run the National Lottery), the odds of your numbers being drawn will be even more irrelevant.

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But winning the lottery is not the point of the lottery. First, while there are still the same smaller prizes for matching five, four and three balls, they have also added a new prize if you match exactly two. You win another lottery ticket. I calculated that the odds of matching only two numbers in a draw is one in 10. One thing has not changed: youre not going to win the lottery. The lottery is not about winning the jackpot, its about having a tiny non-zero probability of winning the jackpot. It is the structural changes to how prizes are awarded which makes it possible, despite (not because) of the increase to 59 numbers.

chance to win the lottery

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If you believe in the odds of winning the lottery, then you should never fly or drive. That because you are more apt to be killed in a plane crash, where the odds are 25 million to one, and far more likely to die in a car accident, where the odds are only 5,000 to one.

Similarly, you should start sleeping on the floor and taking showers. That’s because the odds of being killed by falling out of bed are 2 million to one, while the odds of drowning while taking a bath are 840,000 to one.

Maybe you’ll have better luck outside. Not! The odds of being killed by lightning are 2 million to one while being mauled to death by a dog are 700,000 to one.

If these statistics have you feeling a little paranoid, cheer up. Many good things are also more likely than winning the lottery. For example, the odds of becoming a movie star are only 1.5 million to one, while the odds of getting a royal flush in the first hand of poker are just 649,740 to one. Even better (guys), the odds of dating a supermodel are a measly 88,000 to one.

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5 million. Despite those odds, one-third of Americans believe that winning the lottery is the only way they will ever retire. That’s because the odds of being killed by falling out of bed are 2 million to one, while the odds of drowning while taking a bath are 840,000 to one. The odds of dying from a flesh-eating bacteria are only 1 million to one. The odds of dying from a shark attack are 300 million to one, only half as likely as winning the lottery. Furthermore, only 30 percent of the winning numbers were the players’ “lucky” numbers. Those odds are one out of 5 million.

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okay so I’ve been doing a lot of research on how to pick your numbers for the lottery found a few videos online thought I’d share with you guys something that I just started to do that seems like it’s increased mods I’ve only done it like three times and I keep hitting numbers I guess because I’m not reusing the same numbers the way I’ve been doing it is I have this set of numbers here what I’m doing is checking off the numbers that I use megamillions has moved up I mean sorry the Powerball so decided to maybe help you guys just to give you a different idea you know there’s a lot of videos on but I haven’t seen anybody try this it’s just something that I came up with the other day thought I’d share it maybe if you hit the jackpot just shoot me some cash or something I don’t know anyway so what I’m doing as I go down here and I select my numbers as I select them I go back up here this ticket here I’m not gonna use this is just something that I’m marking off as you can see I’ve used the one two three so you come down here there’s the three that I used and then over here here’s the one so what I’m doing is utilizing every number to give myself a better chance because if you’re using the same numbers over and over the numbers might not hit so what I’ve done is you know I can fit ten bucks you know once a week in one of the jackpots typically I’ve been winning on the Mega Millions because it’s a little bit cheaper but the Powerball is so high that I figured I’d try it spend a little bit more this time so if you think about it let’s say if you buy two full tickets which is you know ten ten boards it’s gonna increase your chances and if you have to pick five numbers per board then you’re gonna use up you know five five times five is 25 so you’re gonna use up 50 of these numbers which is gonna give you a better chance rather than you know picking birth dates or Saruman else order picking birth dates or something you know you might not have as good of a chance because you know they just may not be lucky numbers even though to you they mean something and then something else that I do is you know I go up here and I’ll look at you know past winning numbers and you you know if you kind of look at that right there it gives you an idea typically when I look at this I noticed that the Powerball number never really gets picked as the same as the five numbers so I always try to pick a different number it did happen on one of them sorry about the shaky hands which one is on the 10th the Powerball number did match one of the game you know the pig 5 numbers but it’s very rare you know over the past of the span of this year so I just figured I’d share this with you you know if I don’t win maybe somebody else will and though remember my video or something I don’t know but it’s just to give you guys an idea as well so that’s all you got to do really to increase your odds because you know now you’re using more numbers and you’re not repeating because as you pick them you go up here you know you pick your number say I want to use number 2 so I’ll get another game slip and I’ll put number 2 here and this is the one I’m gonna use then I’ll go back up here select the number not camera focus there select a number that I haven’t used again check it off of there so I won’t use it again go back down here and pick it again you know I’ve watched other videos about systems of adding this number Plus this number and you get this number and it’s a good way to you know pick numbers without having to think of them off the top of your head but if you could do it like this you have a select amount of numbers that you haven’t used that you can pick from and you just check them off as you go and I did the same thing with the Powerball and since I’ve done this like I said I’ve done it about three times I’ve won on every single one yeah it’s a dollar too you know I got the Powerball twice and then I got the Powerball I’m sorry the Mega Ball cuz I was doing it on the Mega Millions I got the mega ball twice and the third time I got it with a number which is actually this this is one of them I just played these numbers and the 13 is the mega ball and you know I’m gonna go catch this today get it you know a dollar back at something but I’m getting results I’ve tried the other systems I didn’t get any results so you know if you want to increase your odds just an idea that hope you guys can use and if you want to add me on Facebook also a DJ here in Houston you can find me under nodos just like the caffeine pills or you could just Google me on Google DJ nodos hope this video helps you out have a good one.

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