Best Way To Win The Lottery

Our updated best way to win the lottery guide. Remember that a winning lottery strategy is about finding an edge not magically predicting the next draws numbers. It’s all about the math.

NOTICE: Mega Millions has changed format again, as of the Oct 31, 2017 drawing.
We have new .SLH files tracking these games, which start over from the new format. You will need to select the new files when
using Lottery Updater and Advantage Gold or our other programs. The old files will no longer be updated. The software
and pick-5 wheels will still work for this game. Stay tuned for updated free tips.

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6 million which is about the same as the first prize jackpot odds of a 6/48 game. All it takes is a buck an enormous amount of luck and some Smart Luck Mega Millions strategies, of course. If any skip from 0 to 5 did not occur, play the Lotto numbers that are out that many games. Mega Millions has 70 numbers. Play your personal numbers if you feel these lucky numbers are good to play, but include a few high numbers so that you win a prize that’s worth something (not shared with many other winners) if your numbers hit. But to get the most leverage for your money, the optimum number of numbers to wheel is not more than four or five numbers over HALF the numbers in your game.

best way to win the lottery

How To Win The Lottery: A Guide To How You Can Take Home The Jackpot

You choose six numbers from 1 to 40 and an additional bonus number is also drawn, giving you more chances to win.
Each line costs 60 cents and you must play a minimum of 4 lines, which costs $2. Drawings are held every Saturday and now every Wednesday as well.
Lotto Powerball is an extra number from 1-10 added to your Lotto line.
If you win a prize with Lotto, and have the winning Powerball on the same line, you win the Powerball prize in addition to the Lotto prize.
The jackpot odds of winning New Zealand Lotto are one in 3,838,380.

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Winning number groups with these three lotto patterns occur in 80 percent of all drawings. If any skip from 0 to 5 did not occur, play the Lotto numbers that are out that many games. Losing numbers that have been out ten games or less account for 81 percent of all the winning numbers. Lotto 6/40 has 40 numbers.

hey guys welcome to my channel name of the channel scratch off fun my name is punny this is my first video um I live in Wisconsin and uh I’m gonna show you guys a little trick a little strategy um it turns out a comment sentence is not so common and I’m gonna show you a little technique okay I’m not a I’m not 100 percent sure it’s the same for every state but I live in Wisconsin and this is what we had going and if you ask me or you know you give me enough subscribers or whatever maybe I cannot dig up the info for other uh other state lotteries I just jump in I’m going to be doing other videos with scratch offs but for right now I’m just going to show you guys a little technique a little hack that really helps okay so here we are Wisconsin lottery you go here and instant tickets okay all instead tickets okay and some of the sites are a little bit different I look and I looked into Texas real quick but uh pretty much I’m going to get to the point mmm um right here you have all the tickets 30 20 15 10 5 etc okay main menu top prize status I’m gonna left click it open another another tab real quick right here turns out these ones constant Lottery scratch off games no longer have the top prizes available remember a games top price make up a small percentage of as total prize dollars there’s plenty to play for still haha and everyone’s constant lottery scratch gear okay so basically right here are all the scratch offs that already have the top prize is gone so basically you want to avoid these if you’re looking for the big payout for example arm right here they have the prices and the name okay two dollars okay come on okay I don’t get that too close okay that’s what I hate about video I’m messing up live okay okay but here here mm I’m not gonna redo this video I’m just not going to do it but you guys are going to see a little hack here you guys are going to be this is going to be worth yeah and you’re gonna give me those subs because I’m actually gonna provide you with some information here okay check it out alright so instead all instant tickets I’m sure a lot of people know this stuff but turns out so many people don’t okay so here’s all your tickets again remember okay we’re gonna go under the two dollar ones okay here’s the two dollar ones since right here faded images indicate that the claim period is expiring soon so some are faded somewhere not fit you go over here two dollars okay wanted to another category scratch your booty hat alright and we go down here you go scratch your booty basically they’re saying the top prizes for scratch your booty it are gone they’re not there anymore so you click on more info here’s all odds and everything and right here the top prizes they don’t exactly say which the top prizes are but the top prizes for anybody you know the top three I’m gonna say nine thousand one thousand three hundred dollars gone at least the top two come on the top three though you know this this is gone so instead of just you know going to your local gas station whenever and picking up picking blindly or picking your favorite pretty scratch off you want to avoid this one avoid it that’s just one example okay so let’s show you another one yeah twenty dollars okay maybe that’s more your speed okay now go into twenty dollars okay that’s called mega multiplier crossword here we are make a multiplayer crossword so this one when you see it you want to avoid it because it’s a the top prize is already gone two hundred thousands got twenty five thousand go on 1,000 gone it’s gone don’t waste your time here okay no need there’s other ones to play these ones can be played two and ones that aren’t on that list so I don’t know what it is for your state but in Wisconsin and probably a lot of other states if you just go to the site and look through it a little bit you can find the information on the ones that are already up where the top prizes are redeemed already or they’re gone and you avoid them let’s do five real quick okay this is like five five five you know we’ll do a five real quick okay so five dollars all right uh here’s a five silver mine 9x for five bucks avoid this when you go there and pick out you make your picks avoid this maybe call ahead and see what is there like snowbirds where the time prizes are still available avoid this one okay and it can be just that simple just a little information real quick can change the odds for you you’re going to go there and unless you want to make you know it only costs $5 maybe you’ll walk away with 30 maybe what we have 45 are on it but the 42,000 like it’s right here gone the 27,000 gone 900 not going to happen Dodd’s already stacked against you you know you can use anything so it’s this is sort of a hack it’s sort of uh it’s a common sense but common sense isn’t so common so there you go you know it’s kind of a trick trick it’s more of a tip really or strategy you know and I’m just I don’t assume that with you guys as my first video to kind of give you guys some content and then you can watch me scratch you see how it goes I’m gonna have up as many videos as I can put up without a me up breaking the bank on myself and yeah you know a good strategy might be because some of these games that are faded if you see one right here like boost your bucks and you know you go through the five it’s not if it’s not uh it’s not in this list and it’s going to be faded that means if that means it kind of narrows down odds of it’s still being out there and someone hasn’t claimed the first pride the big prize yet so that means is still out there there’s a lot less competition but it’s about the expiry so that means it’s been you know bought for a while in the big prize dot there so maybe I don’t know you know I don’t have any bias opinions I’m not trying to argue anything I’ll leave in the comments open you guys are the vets you guys this is your community I’m just now stepping in a little bit giving my two cents in my opinion everybody’s opinion I want to know what you guys think leave in the comments open tell me exactly what you guys think no negativity needed I’m just saying my two cents okay so you know tell me what you guys think I’m thinking you know a lot of the bad ones are pushed out and there’s only so much because the games almost over and you see it’s not on my other list for top prizes being gone so that kind of leads into your favor so all right um with all that being said new videos will be out a SAP share like subscribe I can use all the subscriptions I can get tell me if this leave in the comments and tell me if this has helped you any and if you guys like you know make it worth my while give me some subscriptions and I will try to dig up your state okay and shout out to scratch King and this other guy he has like the scratch shot family this guy’s really cool he’s spending a lot on scratch offs he’s really awesome I guess like a family or something you know he calls it like the scratch family or something I can’t remember his name starts with a D and then Mike D and a lot of cool videos out there I’m just hoping that you know kind of meshing with you guys I learn from you guys and take on any techniques and have fun with it and hopefully one day uh I could blend one of these I put in my two cents so alright guys uh enjoy share the video alright later.

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