$212 Million Powerball 12/9/17 Video

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what’s our fortune for now family I’m back in Pennsylvania it took us too long to get back but the jackpot is currently at two hundred and twelve million dollars so it’s really rising now 212 million see right there and it about Powerball’s that no Bob all 212 and mega mega 191 and we’re going to get a hundred and ninety dollars worth of Powerball that’s right had extended stay in Florida come back to some more cold weather but that’s 212 millions gonna warm us up so I’m sure we’re gonna win because I did a good deed over the weekend so good night all right no whammies no whammies no whammies 212 we got this do that sound that’s a pretty sound that’s pretty sad the winning tickets gonna come for that cell right Powerball two million twelve 191 we got to win that.


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