1. Odd-Even Lotto Strategy Video

Lotto Strategies

Stop picking random numbers or Quick Picks and start selecting numbers based on statistical analysis occurring in nearly 70% of Powerball drawings.

most people randomly select numbers on the playing field based on a gut feeling or they just get a quick pick or they use the same numbers every week because they think they’re lucky that’s not a strategy and that’s not the way to select members when you analyze historical winnings the data shows us certain patterns we want to go with the flow we want to go with the data the odd even lotto number strategy says that when you pick your 5 numbers out of the 69 available numbers you want to have a relatively even mix of odd even numbers all odd numbers or all even numbers are very rarely drawn in fact they only occur about 4% of the time so don’t pick all odd numbers or all even numbers scientific analysis conducted on historical data confirms that the odd to even ratio of numbers with the greatest probability of being drawn is a three to two or a 2 to 3 ratio so what does that mean it means that if you pick three odd numbers you should pick two even numbers and vice versa if you pick three even numbers then you should pick two odd numbers by doing this you’re going with the flow and that flow is based on scientific analysis which says that the 3:2 or 2:3 ratio has occurred nearly 70% of Powerball drawings very strong indication of what to do you you.


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