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yo what’s going on guys welcome to debt drop today I’m gonna be going against metal monkey aka Marcus on if you guys haven’t checked him out link into description we’re gonna be going one to one me and him and some randoms we’re gonna be trying to make some profit for you guys hopefully if it goes well we’ll be able to do some giveaways on both of our channels you guys should be able to enter like two giveaways or maybe even three depends how it goes I’m gonna hop on the discord with him now I hope you guys enjoyed the video hello are you ready to do a 1v1 I’m ready to mess you up dude are you fucking ready good fucking hype dude I’m making us a little case for us to go through all right if you want you can make your own custom case that we’re both gonna do I’m making mine now all right and I’m going I’m thinking clickbait with this one all right 14 rounds I should have made it twelve rounds like a boxing match either way we’ve got 66% easy chances to win I won’t be salty if you win and I hope you won’t be sauce me if I win you know I might blow a bit but you know so that penguin Pingu Pingu was the shit yeah I know it was like the best thing ever love that shit when I was a kid I was my favorite shirt bro I still love it still watch it every day no but I love it what’s your pain do playlist yeah exactly like I watch the memes all the time there’s pingu memes yeah like do you ever see a person and wonder what’s inside their head and then it just pops up like a pingu screaming trying to find it now I don’t think I see it yeah yeah but I have it on my favorites Newt Newt mother fucker do you speak it send me news but should we make another one in the mean time so I’m just enjoying this new newt meme right now I think Oh bottle opening is started one of it started okay you’re one all right unfortunately yeah yes I am yes no I got bra this I think he’s one I think we just got fucked we got cocky oh my god what the fucking hell yeah I can’t even remember what case that put in remember I know like the last three cases it were like 60 cent cases well 30 SEC cases going for that low chance again something decent but nobody’s joining everybody’s for like oh he left you freaking pussy Wow Oh which one’s going the first the first one the big one oh yeah oh yeah let’s just say like pretty sure they’re all worth the same told you I did a lot of cases this is the first decent one alright nice you’re ahead oh shit okay we’re like roughly even I think I don’t know no no she no yeah that’s good that’s good your highness net you’ve gotta be the need right yes I think I am last few cases are gonna make up pretty okay it’s fine it’s either me or you did oh the meme I don’t know did you know fuck yeah you definitely won this like there’s no and no doubt I think I’m I’m just actually I think you’re right yeah I think you did the whipping oh I was five dollars ahead I didn’t think I was up by that much what’s up all right I get it I’ll create the $5 case Oh another one’s going I don’t know how it’s going think okay I’m looking all right I got it okay no we still got this I believe you got this okay am I gonna win again what no way I’m only getting shame okay all right this last case oh you you wasn’t heinessen a hundred percent you got this yes nice nice that’s a good start I like it yo 13 rounds dick are you good bro all right yeah when you want to get the clickbait you’re gonna go for the quick base this could be our title and thumbnails 15 cent yeah what’s the most expensive case in this bar kiddy let’s do it in before we have to wait 25 minutes though okay all right clickbait gods please we need this dude whoever gets a knife wins hundred percent yeah exactly fifteen cents two more oh it’s like I always believe I’m gonna get tonight wait wait wait what happens if we all get the same value skin or all the cases oh wait on the first ones we will but on the 60 cent cases you went right oh shit okay oh okay nice they get thing shaped like you truly okay that’s no it’s whoa are even what I want you to win okay that’s good that’s good I could help you I don’t know I still won’t win okay Tech nice okay shit oh this is Eagle burn yeah okay okay no come on yeah you’re definitely won this I think you think oh just barely okay okay what happens babe oh oh no that’s good this is close this is a hundred same clothes yes yes oh yeah yes I did a hundred percent oh yes nice nice I’m gonna quickly check my inventory real quick and sell back some of the lower tier skins I don’t wanna keep yeah wait you’re a legit juror fuck his name dude durables has just made a $20 one if you want to join it I’ll watch it’s up to you you should be able to see it then I won’t be against you okay all right I tried to do like as decent as skins as possible but with the most rounds eight rounds the same amount of Mc.Gregor with Mayweather oh shit okay wait I’m praying nice with his two cents over me no ok as long as one of us wins we’re Gucci okay hundred and ten percent bro there’s no way what like actually what dude that was literally insane Gigi what the fuck so $25. 00 bottle opening and I’m gonna get back how much 9000 baby fuck dude all right what what wish we do what we do sell everything to $10 I’ve got $10 left would you one more $10 below me and that was it alright are you down brah let’s do it alright alright so I got it 9:39 is that good yes yeah all right should be three or four players for maybe four let’s do it but this is like if I win this I might still be in profit but bro I literally I want you to win you’re rich I’m like I’ve lost 50 bucks I think I don’t know I have to look in a second how much I’m up but I’m pretty sure I am up over oh oh really yeah 163 oh my god oh my god dude today’s been a good day I’ll take that for you maybe okay this is the crew right here come on yes okay look dude I think you’ve got this a hundred said there’s no way there’s no way from there’s no way we can come back from this you’ve won this how do you say $14 yo okay bro what is happened all right that’s a good waiter don’t believe this you know it’s a good day when we both made profit I’m actually selling all my skins under $4 and I’m gonna open hopefully open like one or two premium cases just so I’ve got like more bigger skins dude exactly enough to do two premium cases yeah I mean I lost $3 but got to 34 33 and $34 skins guys thank you so much for watchin if you do what answer to give way on this video all you have to do is like this video and leave your comment down below if you guys want to check out Marx’s video or metal Monkeys video check is that would be the first link in the description with the second link something like that yeah there’s been a lot of fun we both made profit which is actually very rarely happens for me on sites which is so sick yeah thank you guys so much for watching again I’ll see you guys in next video. .

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