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Lotto Scratch Cards

Piggy food for you tomorrow. . . . ??. . . Game on. . . . .

where’s piggy piggy show yourself what so know it we’ve got one there with a wing on it one there we don’t know what’s happened to it nothing’s happened to it in a moment we don’t know what’s on them we’ve got one of these with a winner and we’ve got why are these that we don’t know nothing at all that’s three six eight ten pounds with their and we’ve got one of these that’s not been touched by piggies it and we got one of these set as minions and look up on the very top line is it only gonna be a fiver or do we go now this is Damon what it is is you the viewers versus me and piggy yep it I’m gonna spin the coin and whatever if it’s it’s the viewers if it’s town’s the viewers the Palazzo ten pants mm hmm the purple ox attempt ends temper their temper there but these have got more cards but maybe they’ve got more chance of winning or maybe the little wins will gather up more than that we won’t know will we so we have a gun okay yeah what we’re gonna do is not assign this Tim Pandya we’ve got one wing but it’s a cracker over we don’t mean it’s gonna win any more than a fiver but it’s a good star and it looks good anywhere we don’t know whether that will win or not so there’s inter let’s take em no here we have two three pen cards we will win on we don’t know what’s on them tooth pain comes with a wing um we don’t know what’s up so we’ve got ten pounds of a Cardian which has got half wing oh don’t know we’ve got two fibers here which is 10 pounds of accounts oh we don’t now only look at that I mean that looks promising but it could be a right old five pair down nice touch but we doubt that so we’re gonna spin the coin there five trillion piece it’s the viewers towns the viewers which one let’s move a cap and spin here we go Oh ready okay well let’s it’s the viewers have that saw it okay we’ve got more cards but we ain’t got no more value don’t remember that so we have to do two cards one yours two cards and last one okay well we’ll start off with these sure that one’s got a wing on that one we don’t know we’ll have to wait and see for this a little bit all right here we go how many numbers mean anything you know no letters knowing three and three so that’s to face and annoying whatcha 1 2 and a 5 a 2 5 a 2 and a 1 2 and 1 we don’t really want these to take too long do we want the little ones then 2 and a 1 1 so choosing the read it’s basically up to the finish line where it will get the other 3 and 2 so 2 again and fries in there we need one too but he’s gonna pee around here knowing and sittin getting Danny in here once you’ve got to noise could be another knowing you know Python might not break that six and eight eighths making the Gonia sixties coming up on the rouse way left 707s and trying to push you in front at the bottom there Ned we got got we got we got we got we got we that means um aspic they’ve got the big Teddy’s mummies and ankles whoever last one is a four just there so we have a wing we make sure this should be 5 2 ‘s in this mo mistake 1 2 3 4 5 note 5 oh it’s more than 3 we might have to need it it’s free but it’s a it’s a bonus wing it is a bonus win one one win for us and there it’s this one pub me then we’ve got wind somewhere it must be there for let’s have it one two three no I say practice eight one two mmm so three four oh it’s a four but it’s a force see at the top four be there before D there and for a there for B where is the B there is so that’s that one there we are and that’s all done so what’s this sure it’s gotta be more than three it’s a five all right we creep we’ve got eight we’ve got eight all right now you know you’ve got your two now it’s their turn peak we remove that one first because we know the other ones are Gooden or at least a week maybe two good no don’t know what you’re up for the viewers here we go you wanna train a chest ship and a gold okay well possibilities yeah it’s a pot of gold a necklace a car and a cramp no good yet problem okay a bowl maybe you only need one to give you a boost because you know you gotta win on the others and we know we’ve got a little win but your one should be good oh thank know and they silver there was off gold helicopter and I want it no claw strong beggar money aspect soup goes you know and a palm tree yeah what we’ve got these up here this fifty sixty 24 eight ten twelve okay well okay you ain’t won on that bat that leads me and pick our five six seven eight at the moment eight we’ve got these to do this one’s got nothing don’t gonna make this much got one little weak little whoopee okay let’s get on this one first they’re both different numbers are we gonna try and get a bit more in case you get you might get a tenner on that on this there might be a tenner and if we don’t if we only get two will ever tenner three five yeah but this only wins with our tennis don’t we just say why we’ve got a tree we have a tree on this one so yes stick holy chocolate pudding jumper star Turkey sledge snowflake an account and now we’ve got this year cracker it’s a Robin mistletoe reindeer and it whatcha want so we’ve got to pound you that makes ten pound there we’re in front and now we’ve got this one remember the game use so far one drawn to you’ve won so we win this one either we do with if we manage to win this one we still go on in the game who’s out five one thought two wins to you and if we win this with that one that still means you’ve got a win one more to shut me up and piggy much while we’ve got the Robin anything else is there any more bobbies there’s a bubble only not supposed to pound again yes but that means we’ve got 12 pound new comes to the biggie biggie well would you win I know a fall card all right down it very much although they’re out there they’re our ticket so to get to in a week would be very hard no I think yeah I think yeah painting out on the next round or that one at the most I don’t think we get it on that but here you are you’ve got a win there if you get two wings here you might have 20 quid the sink we’ve only got three five six seven eight three eight nine ten we got twelve so remember that here we got row two putting a pudding loafie a star star ROFL a candle a candle I can’t yes got it it’s but they got be losers the reindeer here we go and it’s gone off the boil so they most likely won’t mean let’s go to the next one poi a holly cracker stocking no flake stocking toy center yeah no so it’s just them first ones what’s over you fifty we want and we get a full week now we think a 10 5 year and it’s restraint okay now down hold you out I don’t suppose well you might be that and get one let’s have a look at pudding it’s a pudding you got to a star it’s a star you got 300 a candle it’s a candle we’ve got kid saying these Abbas one right you are what are they fibers sweetie pan second one team next one next one oh my god twenty thirty forty fifty some potent watts oh my god I can’t believe it Oh awful you might get a tan or semi never thought you get 20 10 and 10 and 10 oh really my tears look nothing no that was the ice one we got a fiver then we got three and we got what we get there who got it I mean we’re four cards one and we look so and only one of yours one this one looks I see on the action losing card tonight but whoa whoa what win okay so what do we do oh my god what we like it that it is failed to hit several wait you the lost Wi Fi the competition’s over you’ve won three we only drew one so what happened well we spent 5 10 15 20 pound and what do we win 50 pound 55 60 space swingy 162 I mean it’s don’t get me wrong I’m glad you won on the car lot it’ll be rotten if you just click through thump by one or two if I’m going to lose I like the rooster fifty pounds Oh fifty pounds I’ve got the other one don’t want me I’m not account to another place I can get rendered it using they cut the bottom off I’ve got that back always in it pit we better say 1000 more gold don’t forget the right you must need a few lights for this you’ve not only won the competition but you’ve got hints and bloody win there Wow 2010 tint Oh sighted oh yeah we go view have won the competition bucket you suppose good night.


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