Wow!….Winner On Big Daddy 4 Million Pound Scratchcards…(Ten Pound Scratchcards) Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Here are The Ten Pound Scratchcards You Voted For. . . . Get Ready. . Here We GooooOOOOOOO!!!!!

from me a man you people here today we’ve got some ten pounders now we go we’re going to do these split these into two categories first of all all right we got we end up with 81 but at the time but 12 o’clock it was like I think 77 they weren’t quite lately to do the four but I’m going to the four but what I’m gonna do is we’re going to do a four million pound one there Hold’em little bit and then a four million pound man there as well and a super 7 and then the next game will be one of those ten pen cards one of those ten pen cards and again a Super seven and we’re safe what happens so we’ve got two games going on there the first one will be these ones and the second one will be at the other temperaments so we’re going to give this a go all right pick will it soak exam we don’t want you to have any of these cards do we no no no no no no no no we want to both to win something oh yeah but I dare if they’re win anything well if I don’t they’re yours okay well we can’t wait around a spouse we’ve got to get going not too much right okay let’s zoom in a bit as zooming can we get there we are first game find a fingers here we go where are you mr.fingers no case a chest a fingers we’ve got a finger we have a wing and a gold bowl we have a wing a fingers fingers fingers fingers fingers I’m covering the actors I’m not just scratched a bit off and it gives it away here the next one where are we there is zooming a little bit and then back a bit let’s get out of here there we are because I think it is if I move that up there so I’ll try to get the best view now back a bit it was bad yeah I figured sit there what it is is awkward I’m an awkward angle right here Oh is your weight Arden is well long as you can see their way estimating here we go yeah as is twenty three fourteen and fifteen what we do to fall in first are we better than now daddy eleven we’ve beat it and one good fifteen now that beat us 26:23 twenty four the beat still got never win there might be a bit better next book it’s a long card see we’ve got a long card yourself what happens is it’s a long card and the thing I’ve got the camera balancing on is like the stem of it makes the card too long at the top but we’ve met it let’s get that as best as we can so I’m still trying to just get into a good thing yeah we are thing that have to do hey well see that coming okay now these are our symbols at the moment we’re not sure what can or can’t me why this is plain applying a crap crown here we go a pop a key a boat a plane we’ve got a plane next one a diamond a pen a wallet and a house so if I’ve got a wing on the top one wing on the next one and a wing on the first one never come down to this here we go ba ba ba ba bom there we are please a long haul it makes you a little bit more awkward is that good enough yeah that’s good enough in it right go ahead up a tin surely gonna win here four and six a 13 8 and two as a team one in four that’s not that we’ve got two wins there oh oh oh right here in a row match two symbols hotel or holiday and that ayaats and it this ellipsis we’ve gotta win a vault and a car every square was a winner every game we won did dear dear this one man John I should think we’re hitting on this and I find her fingers on his long cold here we go it’s a treasure chest and it’s a safe it’s a wood and it said purse now I don’t expect the way on this custom we’ve done so well whenever but who’s to say is your way tired of this as he’s 22 theirs is 23 as his firmness is am as is 18 ears is 20 which is what I expected yeah is that for Indian I say yep air emblems are we’re getting through these quick as we know this one ain’t more like you’re going to win a white and a gold key you never know but I’d add pizza have bubbly a speck that diamond applying a house the limo a crown and a pen I mean I just give you a fiver or stomach not 5 or 10 or something you live in them enough right here we’ve got in a vote delay it up the tin 5 & 1 2 & 9 8 & 5 right here we go match two symbols right we’ve got a match to roll a yacht a note and a car champagne and a roll right right after outcomes okay where are we where are we what just you on this one all right I’ve got one here that’s some save time this yeah well now ammonia there should be a winner on here somewhere you know what women would have been did it him with is one perhaps 54 yes 50 area there’s a win there this may only be frequent but it’s gotta be cleared up and I don’t think there’s any more 55 no now that should be it so we’ve got one win there but we do this one first with zooming and we do this one first here we go it’s if I pay so that’s not too bad to begin with and there we do the biggie well this is the one you went for a bit to see what we got well this one looks like a tenner it is but what’s the next one let’s have a look where are we miss the next one it’s step one that’s it that’s the one there we go it’s 25 pin how did they do it did it did it there but what’s the next one we see that why it’s a plane and a crayon so it’s applying just there are we ready it’s a ten okay Danya we’ve got none on this one is we did we got one on that one and two on this one four six type we’ll do this one first here we go twenty five pounds then we do this one ten pounds move over you last one Twiggy Pam hello so what do we get one of you well 25 + 25 X 50 and we got 20 30 40 we’re only there for one zoom down a bit now we don’t need a solo album right this is what we got Android bollocks free 25 25 20 that’s it s 70 80 90 and we got and Japan’s and 5 pin on it well piggy don’t you know oh you should don’t you should do you can have this card you can have the loser what what about that thing at Japan’s on that card I’m a well paid for it old pegs little and we’re still got two was game but because we ain’t got the same cards isn’t have a chance of a win only Tim Penn ones though the panel if we got for them and they run on then I wouldn’t expect them to win but now these are different temping at tomorrow’s game is on the cards for another win preps that’s all he took it didn’t mind that he likes the big cuts but we’ve got an Japan there we are couldn’t be better a 5 pound on it but and repair on a wing a wing a wing two wins and a wing well we’re well now don’t forget lights for this sir fixtures as well if you want to keep them coming the more likes I get the more do these sort of things and I say we’ve got these to come and then it’s game whoa well here we are here we go from a happy pig and a happy George well where will 100 pairs can’t be bad oh ho ho here we go until the next game of tin palmas problem here we go remember your lights bye everyone. .

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