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Lotto Scratch Cards

Woo Hoo, more epic Loteria scratch card games from the California State Lottery. See for yourself, join on in for a few minutes of fun to break up your day. We are glad your here at the Nevada Arcade channel!
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hey good morning friends family of the Nevada arcade channel coming to you this Sunday morning July 2017 from Southern Nevada back with fresh tickets from our friendly Lottery store we have a super ticket which we always buy one so we can fold it half and carry all our tickets in it the last time we won where as we stretch the super ticket quick sixes last and that was our winner so we might start with that one but let’s get on with Lotteria this is the game that we have had absolutely monumental luck with all right the musician in the watermelon we had a it’s not the best start we had a triple winner on one card which we didn’t know you could win more than once if you guys look back on the channel search for winning lottery ax and you will see that epic win it was our biggest lottery win yet all right the mandolin and the ladder mandolin is not there all right we have the lady in the palm tree there’s the lady and the phone first rope so not a bad start 50% so we’re hitting three out of six all right we got the Sun and the star super moon next to the star all right where is it friendly looking Sun he’s out yet all right the deer whoo look at this the moon is worth 30 grand guys 3,000 to the channel by the way if you are a subscriber prior to us hitting it all right the Heron they’re the spider we really want is that diamond and want the moon all right there’s the bird for five bucks now unlike the last go around we didn’t know if we could hit a second time we still have three tickets here we can hit for a ticket we can hit for 3,000 or 30,000 and that’s what we did three lines we hit alright this is the Rose which is absent the world not know it’s not going to help us because we only have one left and it’s if it’s the moon we will all jump let them down and it is not the moon it is the Frog so we needed the saucepan or the moon and I’m just double checking I’m not sure why so anyways we got a winner five bucks on a three dollar card we will take it Lotteria just a phenomenal phenomenal game for this channel all right we got the bell and the arrows and there’s two for two this is how we started that last time we hit all our three lines alright the shrimp back 100% three for three let’s hope we continue to go this way the deer and the Heron all right there’s the crown but I don’t see a crown about the cactus well we slowed down a little the pine tree we have are still shooting 66% four of six which really will take but we’re really looking for that deer and the heron all right there’s the hand right there look at that we are going straight across from right to left so let’s solve pray for that deer 3,000 would mean 300 for our viewing audience our subscribers all right the barrel about that deer we got seven shots at the deer now there’s the hoop and the cello gives us a $5 winner again now what we’re really looking for is the deer we take the rooster or the musician there is the scorpion I think he’s on there I don’t think the picture is on there either I’m about the mandolin none of those guys where we got a little follower winter and they just cut us off the saucepan I don’t think is on there which we would have gone the other direction we would have had a lot of blanks in a row but we do have a we do have a $5 now the parrot would give us another 10 and that’s what it is look at that two winners we had never had more than one winner before yesterday and we got three yesterday and two today so $15 there $5 here $20 back on a lot of riittää day on $6 investment so as I said let’s let’s scratch get this encounter let’s scratch the one we won on yesterday which is these quick sixes now this is the one you just uncover a little sack of money or a six and I think we have covered of six as a ring there’s a sack of money banana cherry key and a crown okay this is not this is not going to duplicate what happened yesterday now winning numbers drill different taking a second to figure em out all right 2033 and 53 what’s in there yes 2033 infantry okay no match on funky sevens let’s go to wild eight I do include them in reverse of what we did yesterday five and fifty five I like those look at all the multiples of five all right there’s a multiple of five but it’s not on there forty one opposite of 1431 there’s a double or four there’s another multiple of five no good though 2015 2001 no 24 they’re multiple of five come on here take it don’t let us down Wow multiple of five 1555 and nothing like I said we’re we’re doing the opposite we did yesterday we started here and went up and our super ticket was our big winner look 34 numbers you’re coming all over the map we are looking for a nine symbol this other puzzle here I just realized we were also looking for an eight symbol in the top one we were looking for a seven I completely forgot about those all right so we had the one there for a minute all right we’re looking for a nine more match now for all over the place not really close yet fifty 2131 51 no it’s right next to member oh look at this thank you would you believe this 52 chances to win and on the 51st one we scratched 50 first one really odds of that well it’s about 52 124 is not a match all right we are going to get something here let’s see what our prize is it’s money five bucks on a $10 ticket how can that be it’s got to be another winner on this ticket somewhere let me just double check we’re looking for an eight on from wild eight I can’t see them giving you less than what you spend I’m just double checking guys it doesn’t seem doesn’t seem right funky sixes are we had no sack of money and we had no six so that’s not a winner let’s just double check here I can’t believe we would get five dollars back on a $10 ticket all right 2033 and 53 I don’t see it so that’s a first for us I don’t mean to be a sore winner but we didn’t really win we I’m gonna double check these again just on the outside chance 43:54 no that kind of looks like all she wrote we got a $5 back on a $10 ticket I don’t know why I find that so puzzling but anyways we got five ten fifteen get 25 back on sixteen dollars worth of tickets like I said guys if you want to go back and watch a phenomenal lottery a video it says two winning lottery lottery scratch so if you just put in the search column under our channel winning lottery you will find it want to thank everybody for joining us Nevada arcade out.


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