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Thank you for watching my very first (yes, i keep saying it is my first, i am just so excited to have finally made it) scratchcard video!

Please remember, gambling is addictive. Please play responsibly and only spend what you can afford to lose.

I am making these videos for fun and continue doing so until I am still having fun:)

I hope I can make many more with scratchcards from all over the world, plus videos with all sorts of games and lucky machines.

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hello everyone and welcome to watch my very first scratchcard video firstly do be keep in mind that gambling is addictive and if you play please play for fun and only spend what you can afford to lose it’s not going to work if you want to make a living out of it people have tried and failed now this is my very first scratchcard video ever I have enjoyed watching some that others have made and I do hope that in time I can make interesting videos and learn how to make them in the meantime please forgive me for very many many many mistakes that I’m going to make while learning and for occasionally mumbling I want to make the videos with scratch cards from all over the world naturally I am going to start with Irish ones because they’re easy to come by living in Ireland here you can see for Irish scratch cards all are pine a chanela tree the prices are one euro to Europe three euro and five euro on the front you can see what the biggest prize is for example for the one euro one it’s up to five thousand instantly for the two euro one it’s ten thousand instantly 300 one just has been up to 500 thousand on the ke TV game show and for all cash platinum it says win up to fifty thousand on the back of the cards it does tell you what the odds are for you to win for example for the one year one it says average one in six point four wins cash for the two euro ticket it says average one in five point one means cash 300 ticket average one in five point eight wins cash and for the fibrotic an average one in four wins cash so as you can see the more expensive the cards get that bigger is your chance of winning so even lottery erupts you more if you don’t have money so you always get roped more if you’re trying to buy the cheaper scratch card because your odds of actually winning are so much smaller National Lottery does not reveal the prices prices breakdown on the cards so there is no way of knowing what amount of which price is there are for example you don’t know how many of the fire 5,000 winner star for the one year scratch card how many 2 euro Minister for a one year scratch card and you also don’t know how many scratch cards were printed in anything serious because they don’t reveal that one behind the car tighter I have noticed that a lot of different countries scratch cards actually have their amounts and the breakdowns on the back of the cards which would be quite interesting to see so hopefully they will change it in the future ok it’s time to get my Lucky Penny which is nice and shiny because it’s a Lucky Penny I can’t take the scent so it has to be penny I will start with the 1 euro scratch card which has much free amounts so when I’m scratching this credit card I have to match 3 amounts to win this amount there is fifty five thousand eight for another four that looks good so far another eight I would need just one more eight or four to be a winner in this one it is not happening to eight to four to five thousand I would be nice but not this time to your scratch card has the same story have to match three amounts to win that amount let’s go again 480 10,000 which is also the highest price that you can actually win with the two year scratch card another for another 10,000 250 would not hurt either and another one and 80 so no luck on this one either 3 your scratch card which is also match 3 and there’s also another game that if you revealed three stars then you’re going to enter to the draw for the wiki game show in TV ok I’m just hoping to match three amounts because sending away the cards for the TV game is not really what I’m after because I forget to send them away which I shouldn’t ok so far there is five twenty five ten fifty thousand none of their mounts have come up twice so far and I need three to win five hundred five thousand this doesn’t look very good five for the second time and five hundred oh my god my the unluckiest person making the first scratch card video or what okay this one should be a little bit more exciting because it has three games so for a fiver you actually get to play for three different games okay I will do this one first game number two have to find platinum bars behind this scratched area if I find three or more of platinum bars I will win some kind of prize so far I have revealed one platinum bar and neither be anymore and that is as far as I’m going with this game then game number one on this scratch card match three amounts again a classical scratch card game twenty five five hundred fifty thousand forty another twenty five another forty five hundred and and fifty thousand again so I’m not lucky on this one either this area here is just for checking the cards some kind of new system and the last game there’s three numbers that are my winning numbers which are two three and one oh one two three then I have to scratch them on this area here if I reveal my number I will win the price that is underneath it so for example if fifteen would have been my number then the price underneath it forty would have been mine but fifteen was not one of my numbers so I need one two or three and it is official I am the unluckiest sketch scratch card video maker for the first video hopefully my second video will become better at least I hope I will win something thank you for watching if you like my first video and can pick up anything from it please subscribe to my channel if you have any hints tips or requests that you would like then please write me a letter to mine books and I’m happy that my first video is now made and I have probably learned a lot of it already because I can listen myself I can hear myself making the mistakes that I actually don’t want to make and see you next time hopefully with the luckier cards bye everyone.


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