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you know do you ever go into the convenience store and you’re playing scratch offs and you see a gentleman or lady whoever is playing scratchers and what they’re doing is they’re scratching tickets over and over again and they find out they’re scratching and they’re stressed out and they’re trying to get a winner but they end up not getting a winner so what happens is that they take it back take more of their money hang out to the cashier buy more scratchers and this process never ends it repeats over and over again and they end up losing so much money well one of the tricks that I have found to prevent that from happening to you prevent specifically from you losing big money is what I call you got to set a lost limit okay Allah slim is very important so what is a lost limit lost limit essentially it’s a spending limit that you want to put on yourself on a daily basis it’s the maximum amount of money that you want to spend in the scratch off game if you don’t have this loss limit and you’re going to the store you’re going to end up losing so much money in the scratch off games it’s like you and your friends maybe go to a casino and you know all we’re going to have a good time in vegas and you go to vegas without even thinking and what happened you lose 500 dollars a thousand dollars anymore because you did not set a loss limit you did not set a logical specific personal spending limit based on your own budget so before you go to the store and play the scratches game i highly recommend you to set a loss limit it can be five dollars it could be ten dollars it could be a hundred dollars it depends based on your own personal budget and remember set your last minute before you go into the store and always stick to it that means if you let’s say you happen to lose like any other gambling game like any a casino game losing is just part of all lottery games including the best odds of the game scratchers game so if you lose and you reach your loss limit of let’s say ten dollars you lost ten dollars then immediately cut your losses there stop playing and go home that’s it end of story don’t play scratch offs for that day if you do this on a consistent basis you’re going to prevent yourself from losing big losses see the reason the more reason so many people lose in the scratch off game is because they have big losses if you just set yourself a loss limit you will prevent yourself having the big losses so in the overall long run you were going to have less losses that means overall improvements and better profits in the end so starting today set what I call it lost limit and stick to it every single time thanks a lot.


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