Why Not To Buy Scratch Cards Uk Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Better odds at the bookies! lol.

alright guys this is a video Hawaii shouldn’t waste money on scratch cards because the never bloody winners but hopefully it’ll turn into a video where it says our I’ve won nerds but probably not so this is a video of why you should waste your money on scratch cards you better chance going to bookies and betting on betting on a UFC fight or something like that just beat it shop got some nourishment in in a few scratches so let’s see what we get about 5 2 pounds crap cards so you’d think at least one of them Oh beer with a man if it’s a come over here two guys so you can see a bit more scratching ooh diamonds we could do even a lot of them bloody diamonds if we get free diamonds that’s underground early diamonds so far so I got two diamonds two sevens and two pound signs and two wallets come on now what a load of not even a waiter that’s why you should waste your money on a scratch card what a load of all right let’s move on to the next one there it is we’ve got a seven a diamond a one and A seven but I’m liking that diamond that’s awfully will get more of them second row we’ve got Korena wallet and two chests but who won over diamonds Paul Gould come on and over Simon first oh my god my god is it screwed it again all right that’s two two down that’s five pound lost free market let’s see what’s going down now you can either drink of my nourishment Pharaoh we’ve got two kinds crown and a pot of gold if you get the coins you are the wind to pound so this is probably a two pound winner shifter second row diamond of all gold bar horseshoe third row of all the chests the seven in the gold fire in this fourth row snowball we’re saying cuz he’s screwed is it’s not even a two pound weight our disgraceful right so that six pound lost but not even a winner let’s move let’s move this along got two left to go I’m just gonna scratch all this and yet again honor we’ve got free oh look at that look at that this is meant to be a video of why you should buy ten pounds so for two pounds scratchcards but luckily enough I’ve got free par gold and that’s ten pound that’s a ten pound win so I’ve got my money back at least got my money back but one money back and we’ve done a little video so that’s not bad but once at the time you’ll just those and yet we’ve still got one more to go we’ve still got one more to go so let’s see hopefully lucky street two diamonds come on a diamond come on a diamond come on no it’s screwed me as you can see it’s not a winner so we bought 10 10 pounds of for two pounds craps cards and we only had one winner and that was 10 pounds so we got his money back so the best you can really offer is your money back apart from that rare occasion where you might win on the palm 200 pound so like I said you’re always best off going to bookies because because you can you can make an educated bet and you’ve got a much better chance or even to Cocina okay you don’t rule that anything like that scratch cards they always screw you all right hold it.


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