Weekly Lotto Scratch-Card Fun – Part 2 Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Watch me weekly scratch off several lotto cards!! Let’s see if we have a winner this week.

hi everyone welcome to my second edition of lottery scratch card fun if you may recall last week we scratched up to cash in scratch cards unfortunately we did not have a winner but today we have two more scratch cards and hopefully we are going to see if we can win anything today well let’s go to game 1 ok we have a 34 and if you may remember from last week this is actually our lucky number and then we go to the second row if we win we have the number we are actually going to win a free ticket so let’s go on to the first column oh we actually have one ourselves a ticket today so let’s move on we’ll just scratch these of just in case we have I guess the number again so okay we have a free ticket now let’s go into Game two we have a number six now let’s go to the prize we actually have thirty dollars let’s see if we can get another winner today okay we have 40 36 and 42 now we are going to go into Game three we have a number 11 the prize is twenty dollars so let’s see if we can get it and number 11 no let’s go to the next one we have a 19 and we have a 7 now let’s go on to game 4 we have a 35 do you have a 26 we’re going to scratch the numbers off this time it might bring us more look we have a 23 we have a 18 and let’s see what we would have won we would have won fifty dollars okay now we’re going to move on to game 3 lucky number is 25 and we can potentially win ten dollars okay let’s go to the next column which we have a 39 we have a 9 and a 31 okay not a winner there Game six our last game on this card we have a 29 we can win all four hundred dollars ok let’s go on to number is next line is 16 9 13 and 17 so here looks like well we didn’t win any big money but we did win a free ticket okay now let’s go to our second car let’s see if we have a little bit more luck on this one okay a lucky number here is 24 we can win let’s see $25 the next row is if we win we would obviously on that one just win $25 the second row is you multiply it by five so we would do 25 times x nope nothing there and then our next one we have a 3 ok let’s go on to game two we have a 43 we let’s see how much we going oh we have a big one here $100,000 ok fingers crossed this hopefully we have a winner here 2617 and 41 close but not close enough ok game 3 we have a 14 you have a 20 our lucky number is 1439 seven and we would have won four hundred dollars ok next let’s go to game or our lucky number is 27 here we can win a duck or it’s a thousand dollars ok we have a 36 we have a 27 and we have a 28 okay nothing on this one Game five we have a 22 is our lucky number Upsy we can win a hundred dollars ok we have a 37 and nine and a 34 okay this is our last game for the day we haven’t 13 well you know it could be lucky 13 let’s see $10,000 we have a 25 of 40 and a 38 well unfortunately it looks like these cashing scratch cards haven’t brought us much luck we have only won a free ticket this week so next week please stay tuned or we will be scratching off two more cashing scratch cards are lost two of the of the set and hopefully we can win some big money okay you guys all have a great week and tune in next week thanks.


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