Valentine’s Day Scratch-Off Card Diy Valentine’s Day Series Michaela & Alishamay Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

TO OUR CHANNEL for a bargain friendly gift idea for a special loved one on Valentines Day. Here we have made a simple, fun and lovely diy for you to try.
We are sure it would put a smile on anyone’s face especially yours, knowing that it was handmade and cheap.

Give it a try and tell us your thoughts!


– Plastic cup
– Acrylic paint
– Dishwashing detergent
– Pen
– Candle wax or a white crayon


WANT TO SEE US michaelakimbe


Are you sisters?
– Yes we are sisters with a two year gap between us.
2. Did you change your channel name?
– Yes, we used to be called Hanging Out With K and K.

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