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Our updated ultimate millions scratch off guide. Remember that a winning lottery strategy is about finding an edge not magically predicting the next draws numbers. It’s all about the math.

Raleigh, N.C. — Susan Carroll, an administrative assistant from Knightdale, was grocery shopping at the Food Lion on Wakelon Street in Zebulon Saturday when she decided to buy a $30 Ultimate Millions ticket from the self-service machine. It wasn’t until she got home that she realized she was a big winner.

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secondary roads keep most schools closed lose power in Raleigh, Cary as temps dip to 13 pot policy change sparks confusion, crackdown can break record for most consecutive hours below across weekend GIFs: The meat grinder NC State hosts No. I just wanted to tell you I think I won had the option of a year for 20 years or a lump sum of She chose to take the money up front, and, after taxes cashed a check for Carroll, retired after 35 years of driving tractor trailers, said the couple would use the prize money to pay off their mortgage. I hope it brings them quoted are they getting divorced because of what the money did to them or would they have gotten divorced anyway? i wonder if there are a lot of lottery winners who wished they had not won anything at manager’s husband won a million scratch off. It is paid to your it in good the ticket on Saturday and cashed it in today = no plan. I wish them the best, and isn’t a ridiculous amount of money, but I’ll bet they end up with a lot more friends and family than they realized they disclosure is required. I wouldn’t want my name in the paper for winning the lottery, though.

ultimate millions scratch off

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Ill start my top 7 list with probably the biggest scratch-off prize seen on US soil. A North Carolinian couple from Lexington won staggering $10m in the Ultimate Millions game. Dale Summey and his better half Robin are just a regular couple that went the distance to win this multi million dollar scratch off prize. They took the lump sum of $6m or $4.1m after taxes. They couldve taken the $500,000 annuity path and take the full amount over a period of 20 years. If you ask me, Id choose the lump sum as well. Its better to have $4m now than $5m in 20 years time.

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ultimate millions scratch offAlthough the top scratch-off prize cant match up to the biggest lottery jackpots, theyre still worthy of admiring. You see, she thought of the prize, she acted, the universe responded and they won one of the biggest scratch-off prizes ever seen. These scratch cards were a birthday gift for her 19 birthday. Even if these people are not doing everything they can do win the top prize, somehow the ticket, the scratch card reaches their hands. He went into the store to buy 7 scratch-off cards. He returned the 8th ticket, went out of the store, scratched the 7 tickets and won enough to buy the Win For Life scratch card. Although shes one of the biggest scratch-off prize winners she wanted to stay as far as possible from the medias attention.

heyyo well it’s time to play the $50 ultimate millions if you saw the video this morning we are playing on on they want our 100 times the cash group book we found $50 yesterday and since there’s no top prizes left the group decided to go big or go home and so we’re gonna play one $50 old million because it has the best odds rating a thousand one in three hundred and I got lucky number seven alright guys cross fingers we can keep this going but we can just like 50s or find a big win all right a lot of simple possibilities 2 times 5 times 10 times 50 times and a money bag is instant prize this one I can get in one screenshot alright here we go something good 38 24 48 16 845 2951 1810 231 always forget how many numbers are on this ticket 32 44 22 now we’ll go slow so we don’t miss anything 7 3 39 20 57 43 40 5519 close close lucky number one not today 11:53 no 53 36 36 27:54 614 rose hey I’ve got a winner good that guy’s where he kept keeping the dream alive 18 and we know we’ve got a prophet because they all start at 75 right yup 75 dollars got a winner all right funny thing go with it that’d be great 1715 35 I’d like to pen one more match 47 46 1258 25 and a 28 all right well maybe we just got a single big match winner all right under the 18 we have gotten if it’s 75 I guess what we’ll do is play another $50 ticket and maybe a 20 and a 5 and you’ll have any suggestions coming below but let’s see what we got first all right under the 18 come on be some big zeros all right we got it $75 winners so I guess what we’ll do is we’ll play at least another $50 ultimate millions and then we’ll go pick up another $20 my suggestion would be the 500 million dollar cash ticket just because it has really good odds for hitting a thousand and then $5 ticket I’m not sure y’all make some suggestions below let me know what you want to do guys hope you enjoyed it you have a great lucky rest of your day and we’ll talk to you later.

what up a our plenum we got a fifty dollar huh ultimate millions I keep seeing this ticket and I know that there are two Grand Prizes left and about 33% of the tickets left just a little bit better odds although I fully have I’m like yeah I’m not gonna win five million dollars today but it could happen um probably not and I’m not an idiot I understand that but I figured I’d play this for you guys anyway quick update on that 100 times the cash somebody found the last $100,000 prize and there’s still a two and a half million dollar prize out there less than five hundred thousand tickets left so I’ll be doing a lot of those whenever I can as long as that prize is still out there but this one though there are no breakeven prizes you will win at least 75 if you win we’re looking to match winning numbers to your numbers or get a 2 X 5 X 10 X or 50 times symbol good things happen get that money back you win take it 17 there are 20 in the pack and odds are 1 in 3 point 1 6 so let’s zoom on in here well I guess it’s kinda already where it needs to be all right let’s see what those winning numbers are this gracious there’s a lot so I go a little slower on these tickets because well I’m an idiot and I will forget what numbers I have up top but it looks like we are looking for 1 3 8 11 15 24 33 34 40 and 59 and maybe I missed something maybe I didn’t all right I can’t zoom out so let’s uh see if we can keep everything in frame and here we go $50 ultimate Millions there’s a 54 we do not have that I just need a win to get my 75 or more 46 no 53 no 27 nope 20 nope 49 oh 31 no nope no 17 one off all pesky one offs 13 14 15 okay halfway through not looking all that great then another one off nasty 12 18 29 for nope nope last row 36 nope 128 nope 22 and no way we’re gonna get a last last number match so well no win today 30 chances 30 losses thank you guys for watching I hope you had a great time like subscribe comment share play responsibly holla at your boy.

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