Uk Scratchcards – New Cards 2 250K Purple Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Scratchcards from the National Lottery.

hi guys it’s time for Newcastle National Lottery today I’ve managed to find for you to run 50k purple some of them so exactly the same rules as previously much diamond so in prize find the money back whimpers much later went raises are 2 4 5 10 20 40 100 200 thousand five thousand two hundred fifty cake over a lot to me is a one in four point one five so without further ado let’s get scratching okay champagne ring Bank purse necklace win excellent Step five five twenty two hundred hundred and twenty so nothing a nut bit odd now come back to that okay when coin champagne safe necklace another one Kronus or nothing there forty five thousand forty five thousand 1000 1000 so that one okay chest win Wow three on the row safe ring quellek necklace no money bug sales and Teller teller see fifty twenty two fifty okay can’t see this one being like Bank chest car quality on pain bundle crown see fifty to do around program 250 these are champagne don’t fumble Cara person coin stuck 10 5 grand 40 20 25 grand sit on that one okay Ferb I like my clothes thanks a fan bundle roll the fish 200 200 will be nice hundred hundred be nice five and five nothing that’s three wins in a row full of by three losers well it car champagne chest necklace unsafe but gold grand forty five grand grand five grand and forty lets in on that one okay pull it ring they’re safe a necklace bank but winner Exxon 200 100 200 grand round for that okay chest cough coin necklace well under Lokesh 25 round round two and go 200 250 okay last one 101 this chest relaxation ring stack 244 250 250 200 K so 5 1 is a 10 cards not complaining first weighed 2 pounds second one two to four thousand six buck so c’mon holy moly winner winner thank you very much that time I got some luck forty quid excellent forty six back next 105 over fifty one buck loving this love it and the final win another favor fantastic so 20 pounds BAM we’ve got five turn 50 54 56 pounds fantastic result so there you go guys that’s the brand new 250k purple if you liked the video don’t forget to Like and subscribe and as always thanks for watching.


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