Two 777 One Fast 50 Uk National Lottery Scratch Cards – One Winner! Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

Hello everyone, today I scratch off two of the new 777 UK National Lottery scratchards and one Fast50 scratch card, I get one winner but how much did I win?.

hello everyone welcome to John scratchcard winners today we have a fat 5 so we don’t we have a fat 50 a smelly new ones that pretty funky treble seven cash seven seven seven to win 70 grand or seven grand or a grand 200 hundred forty twenty ten five four or two cash back so I’ll be cool if you win 70 ground yes okay today’s calling is a Belfast one pound coin 2010 pretty cool new shit okay let’s do this people start with smallest one super 183 times five 550 right so winning symbols are a stopwatch and a pain we have helicopter Gold Bond curl plane coins and the pain we got that hey yeah I’m on song so you two not seen any winners and didn’t really had a winner there we have a winner people we are the winner see how much we’ve got here this a pain oh you shut your mouth and look at my wine so we got a pound back hmm sweet good link okay cash seven seven seven so with a much any other winning symbols to any of your symbols to win prize find a seven to win 20 quid you know we have a star and a chef roll nugget legate Crown dumb old house hello rainbow gold and the wind so nothing on that one we ain’t fast shit another mind okay laughs are we have the roll and the ring goes under that on the Russell treasure chest nugget crown diamond almost the same as that on the diamond crown nugget done crown a bit okay point anion vault Stark is the man unless on house gold absolutely nothing okay guys so we have nothing on that one nothing on that one and a pound on that one you have spent five got pound back rubbish under the mixin thanks for watching everyone take it easy take care of yourselves look after each other and I’ll see you in the next one bye for now.


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