Tricky Dave..Moaning Steve And Scratchcard George..Works Out How To Get Free Spins After 12 Video

Lotto Scratch Cards


yeah yeah yeahs see that look what’s your work Taylor 5 free spins out the small talk where’s choco midnight madness and we’re just coming in up its quota twelve if we wait for now and go back is my house will what scars what car do Oh what getting them oh what’s my next one what’s your next one you have an imitator not an easy ten when they say here we go men shouting you don’t know that much you say yeah but don’t you have too many once a 500 horse out no idea it was going out oh yeah the honkers he’s got the six around a day on them in it yeah if you’re putting this do not a paper on that but you’ve got back in the area in court money and get your five up and get that fiber as well only cheeky day would work all this air I’m gonna stay now I owe a five pound 45 pen it was it you gonna study I what you mean waiting for it now you must have a smoky and make it last 15 minutes I think I’ve gone I know naxos being on the mornings damage I mean he’s that is one he just 141 paired off the winning well no no he only put cut the pen in be 112 pen then you one Tim pen then you 16 pound and with all that money’s plying the machine and then it win on me he’s got 40 families don’t 41 period so it’s funny at all and then you guys only calling its temporary off the other Mumford and where’s oh so yeah I’ll lived any you record yeah yeah yeah yeah I can get a bad one they’ll be a ballot boy you going over the edge advil oh oh you shud c 5 minutes then i’m going to be glad to go no they don’t this happen in it I’m not exposed inside I brettly be glad the girls to get home if he’s no one in there yeah yeah first they switched is that its first in it a drop of others you go down to see cooker oh and then i’ll see you again day ok good to see you yeah casually other way alright see you friday yeah okay well you you know where would be over see day whoa right nothing easier to keep myself going down now down over five and it’ll be 15 yeah I spent 50 on these better stay net lease being cold yeah a cup of tea and I’ll a Spanish want you guys are going that why are you okay oh yeah oh I’ll see you um yeah tomorrow I’m gonna do I want to get up in the lord gaben out polo you looking and sounding all tidy get it out in the summer house and get all me new gear ready for they look I’m scarcely Marmite and say bring your traitor in on friday or bore it for a while for a week or so yeah well then you can I agree more my the boat sales that’s always much to try to get take some bigger bigger stuff in it thanked 0 free please yeah is trying to say cuz I need the room yet the Pikes of a trailer that young boys house it’ll be extra Lincoln Oh remember there’s a lot of stuff ready for you you know the books as any other things in things I chose you 78 yeah yeah I mean I know you want pets so the second extra what you want to look for them but you have a long one yeah yawning ok I’ll see money goes it where or when when i’ll be at me you know I mean you got the money to come by got there well you or come in and click stuff in it some more because you ain’t many more days yeah yeah you know come round them or me whatever other stuff you’ve got a guy here get you know the cabinet and everything else come we lost having it what we’re good now I mean another one oh yeah upstairs one downstairs in the kitchen and in the middle room nice i’ll just the past one year and it’s square box one yes upset yes it is this it’s up sesh ah the old shot one yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah baby I wish sort it all out you give us a ring don’t come round in well I need to a cottage you can’t do don’t just come round it so and see ya should I be there for a few hours months of them I want than that but you know your ring any wild if I’m never there but if now got a proper number yeah yeah yeah that must bring the old number is on the old orange phone yeah I must go do that when I near debt and you vote you’ve kept it for some reason are we going soon none but you see don’t ever call me on that man call will know which is the one I’ve got yeah Latin near ardilla have it last year someone oh yeah get around here so anyway so you wanna come in off the top idiot you know but point is yo if I ever wasn’t there I’m gonna rizona really tiny no 6 on ya go anyway let’s say goodnight anyone that I’m doing yeah doing pretty good I know I’ll beach falling asleep in it yeah in the car was sitting in the car waiting on those gonna smoke hmm never alone with a strained no bombs Carly no no no yeah he’s upstairs us but houstonia night yeah oh well I you know it but I’ve got gold but have a place first I wanna go get some more stuff I’m gonna do it tonight yeah go over there oh go away go back up there arm on the internet not what you want to go on now well I will do in a minute thank you want me to drop you off here oh no what walk back uh huh oh yeah i’ll for sure okay now four put your mouth to mouth and of course wrap yeah oh I’ve seen the morning you can just pop a long walk around whatever you want to say goodnight everyone goodnight here he goes into the darkness waving and dancing but.


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