Top Winning Scratch Offs 2018 Guides

Our updated top winning scratch offs guide. Remember that a winning lottery strategy is about finding an edge not magically predicting the next draws numbers. It’s all about the math.

NOTICE: Game closing procedures may be initiated for documented business reasons. These games may have prizes unclaimed, including top prizes. In addition, game closing procedures will be initiated when all top prizes have been claimed. During closing, games may be sold even after all top prizes have been claimed. For more current information about scratch ticket games, call 800-375-6886.

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top winning scratch offs

Scratch Tickets – Top Prizes Claimed

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Oh I have Oh Oh Oh Oh change of pace you normally don’t really do scratches to focus my money on slots because I think slots give you a slightly better chance to win they both lose their games but I’ll make out on this one by 17 stretch all the numbers here okay so now this basically goes you got to do is match your number to the winning number and then you win the prize shown for that particular number you show multiplier you win the prize for that role times the multiplier shown so let’s get a multiplier that 30x would be beautiful oh oh oh oh baby I think that’s gonna be a good one I don’t think it could be a dollar but you never know I don’t know if I could take the weight and get through these number six edges nothing else oh my heart is beating not that be a freaking hundred dollars oh my goodness I keep you guys in suspense oh my god oh my god this is going to be big Oh oh my god that better not be a dollar better not be a dollar under there Oh another 5x oh and a little shaky hey now this could be something really special oh I catch my breath for a second here so even if it is a dollar dollar a dollar that’ll be 50 X 50 bucks won’t be too good so let’s pray it’s not a dollar let it be let it be at least ten dollars so I get 500 bucks let’s see what we got here is ready for this make sure Minh and the camera range here all right here we go come on baby don’t be a damn dollar don’t be a dollar oh that’s a $30 times 25 oh my god what is 150 bucks right there no 30 times 25 I’ll do the math after let’s see what the other one is then focus we’re gonna this one here’s oh my god that’s $2,000 holy shit Oh scuse my oh my god oh my god and this one’s 50 that’s 250 bucks oh my god oh oh oh my god that’s 5 times 50 is 250 right this is 2000 oh I’m getting really shaky now I can’t believe this oh I know what’s this this is this $1500 25 times 30 bucks I had to google it the mine wasn’t working very well right now a little too excited that the math but turns out this is a $3,000 winner 25 times 30 is 750 20 times 100 is 2005 times 50 is 250 so what we got here is a three thousand dollar scratch winner $30 ticket it’s pretty freakin awesome this is a sign I’ve got my three thousand subs coming up on the horizon so what better way to celebrate I’ll show you guys one hell of a nice scratch ticket and what’s really funny about this this is my very first scratch ticket video I did it kind of as a joke just a change of pace and I’ve backfired in the best of ways alright thanks for tuning in guys thanks for subscribing and thumbs this up if you liked it as much as I did I’ll catch you later you ah.

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