Top Prize Winning Scratchcard How To Increase Odds And Chances Of Buying One. Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

This short video will improve your chances and odds of winning the top prizes on scratchcards. A simple and easy guide on how to select the best scratchcard if you are aiming to win the top prize. Find out if you are purchasing the wrong cards. I will show how to make informed purchases. Are you wasting your money? Watch this to find out.

this is a short video on how to improve your chances of winning the top prizes on scratch cards first we need to do is head to the National Lottery website if you got an i.Pad or a tablet you can get an app and that take you straight to it as you see here on the top left where we can put national lottery into your search engine website you want its national pottery Dakota UK it’s the home page once on the home page we click the game store here and then click scratchcard prizes and info here now this is a page we’re interested in on this page you get a list of all the scratchcards Coverley on sale now what’s of interest to us is this here number of remaining top prizes now quick search here I’ll give an example let’s say the bejeweled scratch card top pioneer surprise is 300 thousand pound no top prizes left so that straightaway he tells me if I’m looking to win the top prize which I’m sure most of us are I wouldn’t spend my money my three pound on this occasion on the bgallagh scratch card I’d spend my three pound hours where lots of examples here next one day we’ve got one here cash drop hundred thousand pound no prizes left you said if you’re looking for the top prize don’t go there on the other end of the scale you can see what’s right what surprises are remaining so you can go for something that’s really good this one here for instance the hundred phase of purple top price hundred thousand pound twenty nine prize is still remaining on the right hand side here it details how much the tickets cost this page is updated quite regularly and on the top here it would say where the when the page was last updated Friday 27 for me 2016 of 404 so the good place to come before you make your purchases to me there’s no point in buying a scratch card where the top rise has gone you will still win stuff but you’ll never win the top prize because obviously like I said before they’re all gone it’s the rise of a new scratch card if you click into here what comes up as a PDF if you do this from your smart phone it may come for a different way may come for is a download on this tablet here it comes up straight away to read you get some more info on the scratch car prizes etc one thing this is quite interesting here you were detailed at the time of the first print run they can do some extras on occasions it’s time for a sprint run there was four top prizes top prize four million pound these numbers here basically detail prize configurations so this one here for instance there’s a hundred thousand pound card it’s actually two of them and that the point is made up of ten lots of 10,000 pound nothing that would be a great scratch cause is fresh off to find 10 winning numbers etc and then scratch off 10,000 buy another 10,000 etc etc would be good strategize to scratch off income by kinds of that I’ll see for top prizes at the first run come back out this says here for prizes still remaining so no one’s won the top prizes yeah it’s a prints all make sure you go to this place before you make your purchases meet will you put your money in the right place no point in there like I said in buying scratch cards where there’s no chance were in the top prize there is one here I can’t find it because of this is so big there’s a large price still remaining and I believe that someone’s my opinion probably scratched off the card and not realize they’ve won such an amount and it’s gone to been this one here the four million blue it’s quite an old card says here one price still raining for those of you buy scratch scars you know that’s what that was quite some time ago the number here also signifies how old it is we’re on to 1w8 and beyond now so I believe this someone’s purchase a for money and Bruce rash card I’m possibly scratched off and not realize that they’ve they’ve won yeah that could be one stood out there somewhere in a shot some small newsagent possibly but anyway here make sure we come here before you make your purchases good luck with all your ass cards thanks for watching. .

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