This Morning With Eammon & Ruth – Thursday 4Th January 2018 Video

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hello folks wherever you’re watching from this morning good morning this is Thirsty’s this morning with Amon and Ruth and here’s what we’ve got through this Thursday a lack of beds thousands of canceled surgeries and patients waiting in corridors on hospital trolleys it seems our NHS is officially in crisis now what we’re going to do is we’re going to hear some first hand accounts from patients from doctors from hospitals hospitals struggling to cope with the demand that is like there we had a Laurel Laurel of for her Cilla black stories transformed into a national musical then the can went behind the scenes to see how the cast got themselves ready what do Beyonce Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lopez have in common well they will follow a strict vegan regime as a vegan Murie that speak in January becomes a top trend for this year what’s all the fuss about and is it healthy we’ll be finding out more about that just before eleven oh look at this a little Jack Russell has taken the world by storm what is so special about little Phoebe they’re from Portland USA can you guess where we’re live from her home time where she’s dead really justified died before eleven o’clock yeah we’re live she’s dead because she stuffed which I think it’s a wonderful idea wonderful idea I think it’s a wonderful idea or no I’m advocating this and we just want to know we don’t you are I’m definitely not I think it’s a good idea do you think it’s a good idea cord Phoebe you could you know what you could hardly tell the difference anyway very that is the NHS hospital crisis just a moment we’re behind the scenes of Cilla the musical 10:45 why is bag gettin what is it called I don’t know began your January Thank You year height what we’re gonna be fine tonight five to eleven and we meet Phoebe for Jack Russell causing an online sensation at just after eleven o’clock to continue demonstrating to you both we’ve got so much to eat soon at the time idea that’s coming up to lunchtime we hope you’ve enjoyed a little foray into the entertainment and news world today and we’re gonna be back tomorrow morning to do it all again hope we’ll see you there thank you have a good.


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