The Simpsons Tapped Out Scratch Card Glitch Video

Lotto Scratch Cards

hey guys and this video is about scratche card glitch it works for the gold scratche and for the normal

hey guys today I’m going to make a video of how to and the simpsons tapped out in this scratchy so how to how to do it unlimited so used / one of them scratch the other and the third if you like it when I get 10,000 scratch the last one just oh nice so we be just like this then turn it off or close it I’m going to just close it boom then open it again then you put upload and do it again so do it like whenever you want to take what you need to get your powers on some time to get 10,000 you can do with the gold scratchy think i’m gonna make a video of the gold scratchy so i don’t know i think just doing it for ten thousand think i’m not gonna get it so see more of my videos and do it again so you just doing it do you like unlimited scratchy i guess in thousand i’m going right at the end i need it to get always two balls like get so too boring to do that like scratch it off to the against wash it off turn it off so boring when I’m going to try to get tested so yeah please subscribe like or comment.


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